New Routine Advice

I use to do 5/3/1 but I thought I’d change it up this is what I’m doing now DEADLIFT 135x5 225x5 315x3-5 wups then 3x385 2x400 1x440 I’ll go higher depending on how I feel then 4-5 sets deficit deads off 4 inch platform 315x5 ,3-4 sets rdl 225-250 5reps ,3 sets dbell rows 12-15 reps 80-100 pound dbells that’s all it kills me after I’m pretty much wore out .

BENCH wups ,3 x315 2x325 1x350 ,then 3sets of 300x3 ,5x5 incline 200 205 210 225 225,100# dbell incline 3-5sets of 5 last 8-10 sets of dips ,I do back arms on bench day 5x15-20 sets pulldowns ,3 sets rolling tri extension ,3-4sets skull crushers seated 12-15 reps last close grip 5x5.

SHOULDERS strict OHP 3x3 185 200 200 the some heavy singles 210 220 slight push with 220,5x10 135,3x10 seated dbell press 80# dbell shrugs 5x 12-15 225 275 300 315 I do these with a trap bar that I made ,3sets of side lats 12-15 25 # nice and slow,I do arms with shoulders 4-5sets seated curls,3sets 21’s 40#s,one arm seated curls 3sets,3x5-8 standing curls 115#s,then some cable curls 3-4 sets 15-20 .

SQUATS wups,5x5 225 250 265. 285 300,heavy singles 325 340 365 ,5x15-20 hamstring curls,5x5 rdls ,3-4sets of hypers body weight ,those are my numbers this week I was thinking of doing speed bench work also not sure though any advice on this new workout routine would be very helpful my goals are 500 dead 405 bench 250 OHP 405 squat bellow parallel

about me im 40 been working out around 6 years any advice would be helpful thanks

IF you want some advice, start with editing your shit with some punctuation. I just blew my optic nerve trying to read this stuff.

No joke man. Im sorry but please write this up better I wont lie I didn’t even attempt to read it.


honestly dude, it sound like your pretty much modeled a bastardized 5/3/1 and added in some ‘Jokers’ of sorts. This seems to be all over the road if I can be honest. So you’re 40 and been training for 6 years. This means that you really don’t have time to be “experimenting” to a large degree I know, I’m 41 next month.

I’d recommend that you give beyond 5/3/1 a run or maybe 5/3/1 with Jokers and first sets last. If you desire the freedom to work up to a 1,3, or 5 rep max kind of “on the fly”, I’d suggest giving the Conjugate aka “West-Side” training a shot.

I’d also advise that you reevaluate your accessory movements. I’m not seeing a lot of things that would make your training “well rounded”.

Yeah bro I’m kind of lost it was simpler with 5/3/1 I just typed in the numbers and followed it to a tee I downloaded BEYOND 5/3/1 I’ll give it another look.I was thinking the same shit 40 ain’t no time to fuck around but I have to hit 500 dead its my main goal the only thing on my mind that and a 250 OHP .

I’m a mechanic and work nights sometimes 12 hr shifts it’s hard to lift and hard to eat right I eat a shitload of chicken that and protein ,as for my accessory work I’m kind of floundering around I’ll have to figure that out thanks for ur repy STRENGHTDAWG .

I’m glad to hear from another brother in his 40s pushing it also do u have any suggestions about ne accessory work you’d suggest for my deads thanks again bro

My fallback option is 9 weeks of the Starr Advanced Periodization 5x5, it just works, and I can add assistance movements to satisfy my volume whoring needs

I had to looked up that 9 week star workout wasn’t familiar with it I’m totally going to give that a try just reading it got me all pumped it’s exactly what I was looking for thanks a lot bro really can’t wait to start it truly appreciate the advice MattyXL

I’m glad to hear from another brother in his 40s pushing it also do u have any suggestions about ne accessory work you’d suggest for my deads thanks again bro [/quote]

Yeah, whatever you chose to do make sure it gives you a big training boner. If you are doing a program you hate, no matter how well it works for others, you will not reach your goals. Also think “training economy”. Only do shit that directly improves your numbers. For example, dumbell kick back for tri’s prolly not get you pressing that 250… rocking out the good girl / bad girls machines will prolly not help your deadlift. Chose accessory movements wisely. Not only that 12 hour shifts can be brutal on us not so young guys. I work rotating 12 hour shifts flip flopping back and forth between days and nights. I don’t know what freaking day it is sometimes but I make training a priority. Just like the sun is gonna come up, I’m gonna lift some heavy shit. Some days are better than others but it will happen.

Thats funny because I always think that " I can’t wait to get home to my garage and lift something heavy",lifting is the only thing for me it helped me stay sober gave me something to focus on 6 years clean, it’s dedication and discipline I love it ur right to it is ruff the older u get but I’m stronger than all the guys half my age at my job Thanks for the replies hope u all stay injury free and keep SMASHING!!