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new roundtable?

What does everyone think about a strength coach roundtable? We’ve had fat, protein, carbs, caffeine… Why not step it up a notch. Have names like King, Poliquin, Waterbury, Mahler, Davies, Alessi, and Thibeaudeau compare and contrast some of their various heories and methods. Too good to be true? What do the coaches think (at least John Davies, Mike Mahler, and Christian Thibeaudeau, I know you guys check out the forum) Worthy suggestion, or pressure cooker?

First, I am honored that you have me in the same light as guys like: Davies, Poliquin, and Tribeaudeau and would certainly be interested in such a roundtable. thanks

Sounds like a good idea. It would be one hell of a fun read.

Obviously I’m not going to say that being part of something like this would be bad … it really would be great. However it’s not our call.

Mike, you may not have the notoriety of the aformentioned, but you guys all specialize in the same game so it would be great to hear your interactions.

They do something similar with Gang of Five, which is a column I really love and I wish we would see more often. I thought it was moving solely to the paper mag, but was not in the newest issue.

The problem I see with this, is that strength coaching is so individual and the topic would have to be very specific. Obviously it could work, but just getting several strength coaches together to chat would not be very productive unless they had a specific area of focus.

Add Charles Staley to that list and dump Mahler, at least if the topic of diet comes up! :wink:

Funny guy Steve!

Poliquin would never deign to participate…

sorry for the misspelling! (sans the e)
Glad you guys are game, I’m gonna email TC and see what he thinks.

Gang of 5 was great… But with the roundtable, maybe an interview type session could go on with Shugart asking all the right questions. Might be some provocative stuff…

Any roundtable is fun and it always great to get to meet other coaches. Mike and I even do camps together which are a lot of “fun”. But in a perfect setting I would want to expand it to include some really great coaches that I know like Ethan Reeve or Chris Korfist. They are a wealth of knowledge that I know readers would benefit from. In faith, Coach Davies

To echo Jason, training methodology is a very wide subject compared to protein, fat or caffeine. This indeed makes it difficult…

The best way to do it would be a regular roundtable (every 1-3 weeks) with one or two subjects each time. For example “The High Performance roundtable: The squat”.

However I think that this kind of format would take a lot of coordination between authors and would give the editors nightmares!

If you want to see a strength coaching roundtable then join the supertraining list and you will be able to read and participate in various topics each day. You can also see how deep a simple topic can get which happens when you get a lot of intelligent dedicated individuals to discuss a topic.

I still just don’t see the roundtable format going very well unless there is a very specific point of contention.

With that said, there are some great topics that may do well in the roundtable format: flexibility training, recovery methods, or even periodization.

I think each coach's training methodology is fairly well represented in their articles.

How would one go about joining the supertraining list?

The Supertraining group is headed by Dr. Mel Siff. It’s a yahoogroups.com group.

Just go to the yahoogroups.com page and search for Supertraining and join the group.