New Round on the Velocity Diet

About to go through another round of Velocity. Haven’t tried Hot-Rox in the past but going to give them a go. I read through the latest guide and it seems everything is geared towards afternoon workouts. I, however, have to do my workouts in the mornings due to work obligations.

My plan is to take 2x Hot-Rox with a shake at 5:00am, then workout around 6:30ish. Would the peri-workout drink interfere with the Hot-Rox being that close together?

And separately, planned on Apple Cider Vinegar at night to help things along. I’m assuming that’s fine given it’s zero calories and assists with the whole insulin-sensitivity theme.

Yeah, you’ll be totally fine with both your plan to use Hot-Rox and apple cider vinegar.

Well, just to clarify, what are you referring to by peri-workout drink? Just want to make sure it isn’t a preworkout supplement with additional stimulants.

Keep us updated on your progress!

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Peri-workout will be a carb/BCAA mixture. Pre-work out was usually black coffee, but I’ve heard not to add additional caffeine on top of Hot-Rox.

Cool, cool.

Yeah, I’d be mindful of any additional caffeine, at least until you get a feel for Hot-Rox. We all have different stimulant tolerances, but best to start off with just Hot-Rox.

Not to sound like a complete shill, but have you checked out the new Surge Workout Fuel? Lots of positive things happening with it.


I’ll also shill. I’ve mixed my own formulae off and on as well as trying other brands for years; the new Surge really is a step above.

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