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New Ronaldinho Video Real



sick sick sick. just click on the cleat and watch the brazilian pingpong video


I've seen this one before. I don't think the rebounds are real. I know he's absolutely phenomenal with his skills, but the physics behind getting the ball to come back at that trajectory repeatedly from that distance is impossible to achieve by a human. I think this is just like the Nike ad with Lebron James shooting from 80 feet away over and over hitting nothing but net.

If you want to see something really amazing that is real, there is an old clip of Maradona warming up that is awesome.



i actually forgot to put the all important question mark after in the title, haha


yeah that maradona clip has him juggling a pint water bottle like it was a ball, the dude was completely unreal.


he's just been voted footballer of the year again. Maybe rightly so, maybe not, I dunno as I haven't seen enough Barca games to comment, but is there a rule written into this competition that states only Brazilians can win it?

I'd have given it to Thierry Henry last year without a doubt. Also, they had Lampard and Gerrard in 2nd and 3rd place. I wouldn't even put Gerrard as the 3rd best player in England. Not even the 3rd best English player in England. And Christiano Ronaldo was in the top 20 but Wayne Rooney wasn't?? What's that all about then?


In the media everyone has claimed it is fake but he has challenged any journalist to come watch him do it. Of course it is fake, if he could hit a non stationary ball with that much accuracy then he would score 6 goals a game. He would score every free kick he ever took.

Also he did deserve world player of the year this year in my opinion. Their were no outstanding players this year internationally except perhaps him and Adriano (also Brazilian). Shevchenko maybe deserved a second award consdering his superb form for Milan. I don't see him on the list. No Rooney near top 20? Controversial, he will be on it next year though. Ronaldinho was the best player in La Liga easily, was Barca's best player when they were unlucky to lose to Chelsea in the CL (they would have went on to win it I think). He is just an absolute genius and in my opinion his career will eclipse Zidane's.


Well, those Brazilians have a pesky habit of being rather good ...

Ronaldo has definately been overrewarded, but Rivaldo was worth it when he won. As for Ronaldinho, some of his performances have been breathtaking. All of Europe is still talking about his destruction of Real Madrid, in Madrid. The Madrid fans actually gave him a standing ovation - only the 2nd time they have ever done this for a Barca player (the other was Maradona).

In an Arsenal shirt, he is devasting (they look more and more like a one-man team). But on the international stage, he has been completely ineffectual as of late. That surely counts against him.

Sorry, can't agree with you about Gerrard. But, it is true to say that these awards are becoming more and more of a popularity contest, and less an indication of true form.


point taken about Henry's international performances. But surely appearing in a Renault advert counts for something? I don't see Ronaldinho asking what the Brazilian for Vra-vra vroom is. Do you?


Finally a soccer thread again!
I think Ronaldinho absolutely deserved the title this year.
What are your predictions for the world cup next year?
Brazil, Argentina, the Netherlands and Czechia are high up on my list.
But I am going for Germany all the way.


got a link to the maradona clip?


Ronaldinho is the best player on the planet. As for the World Cup, the usual suspects will be up there again- particularly Brazil and Argentina. I think England are better than the Dutch and the Czech, though. Much, much better, in fact...
Germany? I'd eat so much humble pie that Berardi would castrate me.


Do not underestimate homecourt advantage! We have always been a tournament team, that gives me hope :slight_smile:


yeah don't make statements about the Germans that will come back to haunt you. Their worst side in years got the final last time.

Still, my predictions are either the Argies, Brazil or (say this quietly) England.



This is a pretty good video of some nice ball handling skills. The site's been down a bit lately so if it doesn't work right away you can always try again later. Fuck I wish I got more soccer on the TV, can't wait for the World Cup.

Also I love the song in this vid, Guns are Drawn by The Roots.


Lost count of the times a Brazilian player's in that clip (especially Ronaldinho).

As for the training clip, that's a promo for his new, custom, gold-tipped shoes... so it's possible it's just an edited clip, especially since right before he starts juggling the ball the sponsor comes up and gives him the shoes. It'd be godly to just do that in unbroken shoes, but then again, this IS Ronaldinho. If anyone can hit the crossbar 4 times in a row and have the ball come back to him in the same arc (from outside the fucking box!!!), it's him.

Here's the whole clip for those that are interested: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5524076748230925318&q=ronaldinho



anyone going to Germany next year?


AWwww who cares as long as the US beats the hell out of Mexico and I get to see those fairies crying on the streets of M.C.


Here it is.