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New Roguevampire Pic


hope this lays to rest all the talk that im not the guy in the avitar. just cause i hate taking pics, doesn't make me not who i say i am. I went and got a new cam with my daughter over the weekend. just hope I uploaded right.


First! I knew you were real after I started putting everything together...


Respect RV!


Mind = blown


I believe Rogue is owed apologies.



awesome RV, this just made my day.


Holy shit, he's real.

Yet somehow I feel there is still more to come in the RV saga.


YAY!! Fluffy boy!!!!

It's about damn time, son!!


hey... anyone can get pics on the net with the writing: "test.net"

just kidding, and you have proved us all wrong, my apologies.


Me too lol




RV please start a "RV how do you train thread." I know an interview with RV was done....but I want the nuts and bolts!


its a variation of dc training. instead of doing my whole body in 2 workouts, i do a muscle per workout. a few basic exercises for each muscle and trying to get as strong as possible in each.


this is awesome. new favorite poster.


you're fat.


Go to your interview thread..post this pic and drop the knowledge on us there


I was always rooting for RV. Good stuff.


This thread will blow up so I better get on the first page.

Hi folks!




I don't post that often anymore but i feel compelled. holy crap.