New Rock Climbing/Ninja Warrior Challenge/Exercise

I had been seeing the Chair Traverse for a while among rock climbing and ninja warrior circles and decided to try it out. It ended up being less challenging than I expected so I started trying the traverse movement on box jumps. I worked my way down to successively smaller boxes and ended up traversing the 18" plyo box.

Has anyone else tried a plyo box traverse? I’ve searched social media and google and I don’t think it’s a ‘thing’ yet. Anyone care to give it a try?

It’s easier than a chair for sure.

No, it is MUCH more difficult than the chair. It’s simple: there’s no back to pull up from and because of that your legs are put in a more difficult position. Please try both and then comment if that was too difficult to understand.

I have done both. I hear what you’re saying though. The chair I would try it on was very narrow so maybe that’s why I found it more difficult than a box with significantly more length and width. For me the most difficult part is keeping my legs off the ground. Using a box allowed me to sort of bend my legs sideways (if that makes any sense) to bring them around, whereas with a chair they would always bang into the legs or floor.