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New Rock and Roll


As a great lover of rock and roll, I've got to say that I'm dissapointed by the music scene today. Rock isn't nearly as popular as it once was, and it's exceedingly difficult to find good rock bands to listen to.

Anyone got any new bands from the last five or ten years that haven't hit the mainstream yet but rock out hard? And I don't mean that screaming metal shit that a lot of guys are into... I mean like real, pure rock.

I'll start. Found these guys the other day and have no idea how I missed them... but I dig them and this song is infectious.

It's like if Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Lee Hooker, and Metallica had a baby, and that baby was God.

J Roddy Walston and the Business:


I am a screamo metalhead through and through but I still like this band. Have you heard of them Irish?


I know you said that haven't hit the mainstream, but I don't know those bands lol there's a few kinda mainstream ones I quite like though... Definitely agree with BJB on The Sheepdogs, here's a few others to try:


Last one is I guess a lot more blues than rock but oh well...


3 total badasses!



Nickelback and pop evil kick ass!!!!!!!




I saw these guys for the first time on the Artie Lang show a few weeks ago...I immediately became a fan...


Rock isn't popular?


Marvel comic movies and a lot of action movies over the years have used rock music (varied genres) and not one single pop song is in there.



Texas King, they are from the frosty maple syrup mines of Canada, have a new release and this song, 'Paper Tiger' is getting campus radio airplay a fair bit of late.

As to rock in general over the last few years, I was into pop punk for 7 months a few years ago and then got totally sick of it. It isn't that they can't put out some volume, it just starts irritating me now. How many of the lyrics of the subgenre amount to 'I am too numb to feel anything other than my misunderstanding of the meaning of life' and shit like that?

while I am at it, Canada has had just over the last few years a burgeoning independent label scene, with talent coming out of the sewer grates. I could post other bands if anyone cares.


Go listen to Nebula and follow the trail of youtube links. Thank me in 15 years when you are still rocking this album.


That full album sidebar list is fucking legendary. If you want ROCK but you can't get into every one of those, man... you don't actually want rock.


I second the Winery Dogs. Elevate is a great song. Here is an older video from a band that was missed by too many people. The great Dan Baird singing for the Yayhoos.


Was just at the Alter Bridge show Friday. Damn can those guys put on a show. Hyuge Myles Kennedy fan these days.


Good stuff.

Along the same lines as these guys,


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