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New Research on Using Testosterone for Treating Obesity

I saw this article and thought I’d post it up for discussion.

Nebido was used in the study 1000mg every 3 months, for up to 11 years, and since the injections were given at a doctors office there was 100% compliance in the study members. No patients were dropped from the study.

I do not see where estrogen was even mentioned nor do I see any mention of what the T-levels were achieved.

These quotes kind of sums it up:
Dr. Saad says: “Long-term testosterone therapy in hypogonadal men resulted in profound and sustained in weight loss which may have contributed to reductions in mortality and cardiovascular events. Untreated men with hypogonadism gained weight.”

Dr. Saad says: “Long-term testosterone therapy in men with hypogonadism and the most severe level of obesity resulted in profound and sustained weight loss in a magnitude comparable to that achieved with metabolic (obesity) surgery. Side effects and complications may be in favor of testosterone therapy. We believe testosterone therapy should be discussed with patients as an alternative to surgery and should be considered for male patients who cannot undergo surgery.”


Just for clarification, and before we draw any conclusions that may or may not apply, the study is about “men with hypogonadism” with the “most severe level of obesity”.

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