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New Race to Six Hundred


Went back a bunch of pages and couldn't find the old thread, so who's in?

I'm at close to 585 now. I was so close to 600 two years ago and got whacked by health problems. Gall bladder attacks, now removed and can eat again, yay!, shingles, and then the worst back injury I had in 25 years was my 6/08-12/08 story.

I tried two times in March and May but was a little shy. In January 08 I did 570, but got greedy and tried 600 instead of hitting 585 in March. and May. I think if I did the 6 plates I would have had a better shot mentally. At that time I had done a365-370 against the doubled mini bands, my main deadlift staple.

Four weeks ago I missed 585 close. I always miss low, if it goes 6 " it goes up. I got it about 4". My current bodyweight is 202. When I hit 585 in two weeks, I might weigh my plates to be a dick. Most weigh heavy, so I might get ac heap pr, hahaha!

I'm going for 585 the day after my 47th birthday btw, weight is right around 200 ish. I slide up 5 and go back down, staying close to the 198 lb class limit.


I'm in, but it's going to take a while. I'm down in the low 500s right now. If I would stop being stupid, 585 might be possible this year.


Definately in. My best is 575 but I'll be looking to put up 600 at my meet in september.

As far as training goes what do you guys do for it?


Tom, good to hear you're back in the game. Just curious how you've been training your pull these days. Also, has pulling affected your shoulder at all?

I'll get in on this, but it'll be a while for me as well because my training has been inconsistent (to say the least) for probably 8 or 9 months now. Best DL was 545 @ 220 in a meet last November. I would've been good for more, but went overboard with frequency and intensity. :frowning:


Stupid is as stupid does, but it's not always doing something bad. Like I said, if I tried 585-590 two years ago in march, I might have got it in May -June. But giving a heavy a ride on a good day might get you a better than expected pr. About two months ago I decided to try 525 to get a new now pr.
I was lazy and the 25s were closer than the tens. I tried 545 and blew it up so quick that I was shocked. I tried 575 for a new pr, but it was stapled to the floor. I should have know better because I'm good for one big pull after warmups. My mind and body shuts down after a big pr in the deadlift.

Missed 585 close a month ago as I said, so I'm going conservative in two weeks and trying it again.


Deadlift I'm assumming.

I'm in on this. most I've pulled is 565, but that has been a while. should be in the 585 range now.


When is someone going to make the 850 deadlift race thread?


No shoulder issues at all in pulling. I do have to keep the lats stretched will though or it might lead to it. I have my palm forward on the right and I'm right hand dominant so it get's a little more work overall.

As for deadlfiting, I squat now and then. I have a bad left quad so I do it now and then. For deads, pulls against the band are it other than glute bridges, glute hams, pull throughs and other assorted work. Romanian deads, SSB good morning etc when I think I have the need.

I'll start a cycle, or just start over with five singles, go to three for the last few weeks, then a single for one to three weeks. I started this one at 275. Went to triples around 325-345, I would have to check my book. 365 for three singles was challenging last week, but my pr is 375, so I'm running at app. 93-98% there.

This week I'll just try to hit a pr of 385 for one. I might go for one next week, or drop down to 1 at app 90 % then try the 585 the week after.

Sorry, totally zoned out on the fact I'm using a jump stretch sumo platform, pulling conventionally against doubled mini bands. It adds app 225 + at the top.

Every 3-4 weeks I blow it off or deload as they say if I feel a little beat up.


Nothing has helped my deadlift as much as pulling against bands. I base my pr attempts off of my band prs and have a good idea. The bands teach you speed and how to pull hard.

I'm using a metal pro deadlifter. Can't say how much I get from it, but it is something. Maybe 10-40. I never miss a deadlift after six inches and again I attribute that to the bands. If you keep pulling hard, it keeps moving. It's that simple.


When I'm at 825, duh!


One thing I found I do well is get lazy. Sometimes I blow a workout or two off if sore. I might just stop after deads if I did well enough or had to help my kids with their stuff. Kind of like a controlled intensity thing.

I've been know to cut a workout short to go get a gelato at the new place in town. 2.50 for a regular. Blue rasberry might be the most anabolic, and by anabolic I mean tasty.


I do have a friend that's pulled 805. I could talk to him about it for you...


Sweet... a two man race. I could go find him in real life and knee cap him. Then I win by default.


Actually, he did NOTLD last year, I need to call and see if he's doing it this year. You might could compete in person.


I'm in! Last October I pulled 600 for the first and only time at a meet. I also weighed 265. Today I weighed 225. Last week I maxed at only 525, to my extreme disappointment. At a July 4th Strongman meet last month I pulled 500x9! My strength is slowly evaporating as I lose weight. Yet I plan on continuing to drop weight (I want to compete as a 200lber next year and win the 2013 NAS 200lb National Championship).

So in a nutshell I want to pull 600 again, but at a bodyweight of 210 or less!


One of my goals for the year is to pull 600.

In my last meet I pulled 575 at 181. I've given 585 a ride twice and couldn't lock it out. My lockout is definitely holding me back right now. I've moved up a weight class and have been training at 210. I recently began pulling against chains and plan on using some bands in the near future.

My next meet is in almost 4 weeks and I plan on hitting 585 as a stepping stone to a meet in late October. That's when I'll get 6.


Sweet, im in! Currently at 545 but i think im due for a huge pr.


ive pulled just over 600 this time last year and im back shooting to get over it after 6 month of injury.

Im 320lbs and 4 weeks ago pulled 585

been pulling 500lbs for 8s from 15inch as my next comp is max reps from 15inch with 500lbs.

It also should help blast through my sticking point.


Wow, that's a huge strength drop. Have you been going heavy the whole weight loss period?


Yeah man its frustrating as hell. I've had a extremely stressful and busy summer between work, training, and my personal life. You can follow my training log in the other forum to track and see the drop in strength. I once pulled 575x2 for a double even! I'm 50 pounds lighter than I was on Jan. 1 on this year. I know my strength loss is some what related to that. I know I'm eating less calories (esp. protein and fats), sleeping less, dealing with being a full-time "dad" to my girlfriends three kids (whom I love dearly), and training has been very inconsistent. I just hope once my weight reaches 210 and I can maintain it versus trying to drop it things will stabilize and then improve.