New Punisher trailer

This is easily one of the worst things I’ve ever seen…

Frank Castiglione deserves better than this…

Though I wouldn’t mind seeing Travolta turned into Jigsaw.

i cant see anything. its just a picture. everytime i click watch trailer it sends me right back to the pic?

It doesn’t seem too horrible to me. Just take it for what it is: an action movie based off a comic book. Can’t overanalyze this shit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it won’t win any awards, but it still may be entertaining.

Whoah! I think I`ll go re-rent the one with Dolph Lundgren instead. At least the dojo chop-em-up was funny. And he had a build much more like in the comic book too.

It should be pretty good. Anything with Drowning Pool in the soundtrack couldn’t be bad. :slight_smile:

My favorite part is when he slams the guy’s head against the railing but so obviously completley misses. And let me get this straight, he finds his punisher shirt? horrendous.

I do agree that the punisher should be bigger, like in the comics. It does appear that they added a big guy to play the Russian at least(the guy in the red stripe shirt). Yes, I used to be a comic geek and would like to see the movie be closer to the comic, but I am happy that they are actually making the movie.

Couldn’t be any worse than the HULK, or Contact, I waited through that whole movie just to find out the alien was her goddamn father…bleughh

It looks cheap. :wink: