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New Pumpkins Album

I just got the new pumpkins album, zeitgeist, and i was wondering if anyone else had given it a listen yet. I’ve been a pumpkins fan for a long time so I was very concerned about this “reunion” album being a suckfest but I was pleasantly surprised.

It’s a departure from the Adore/Machina soft sound they ended with. They seem to be attempting to recapture the Siamese Dream/Gish alt rock roots with it and it seems to be working. It flows well, has lots of guitar soloing, and in good Corgan fashion, awesome poetic lyrics.

My main problem is D’arcy and James are not back in the band, so it’s like Zwan in the fact that only Jimmy Chamberlin and Billy are in the band. But it’s way better than the Zwan stuff IMO.

Other than that, I think it’s a great album. It is a breath of fresh air compared to the nu metal/emo/pop punk crap infesting the radio waves at the moment.

anyone else given it a listen yet?

Plan to.