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NEW PRs!!!

just thought i would let everyone know, i broke some PRs today! I'm 18, weigh 263, height 6'1", im not ripped, nor fat, (i have 1 deep cut in the middle of my abs, but dont know bodyfat). I just did competition 400# bench, and competitioin 600# squat! Bench = RAW, squat = Belt + wraps. and pure clean! no steroids here! tell me what you think, im pretty excited!

Congrats man, PR’s always feel good.

Thats awesome man, good to see you did the bench raw also, and didn’t use a suit for the squat…Good job!

Great job, what is your bench routine?

My coach writes the routine, i give him my current max, and he plugs it in and prints me a spreadsheet of every workout weight and reps. overall, though, i NEVER do the same weight OR reps 2 weeks in a row. And after 2 hard weeks, i have 1 easy week. And i only bench once a week