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New PRs


Hey all first posting on this board in a very long time if ever.. Just seemed like a good place to keep my numbers so I can keep looking forward.

This week Squated 495lbs for 1 rep below parallel

Yesterday Deadlift 405lbs 1 rep sumo and 3 reps standard

2 weeks ago benched 335lbs 1 rep

I got inspired recently by a friend in the gym and a few articles on here to start doing more power lifts agaiin. My goals are to be able to squat and pull 3x my body weight and to be able to bench 2x my body weight. I am currently 188lbs going up slowly but surely.


Congrats on the PR's but you know you could just start a training log if you're looking to keep your own progress tracked.


Time for a couple updates..

Squat up to 495lbs for 3 sets of 2

deadlift up to 425lbs standard and 455lbs sumo

still slacking on bench will start working on it more this coming monday


Apparently you missed LM's post. Start your own training log, there is a section of the forum specifically for this kind of thread.