New PRs! Thanks CW

*Please note, while all lift numbers mentioned below might be insignificant to many, they are MINE, and I’m proud of em!

About 3-4 weeks ago I posted a new 1RM PR on the deadlift @ 265lbs (sumo); today I pulled 265 for 5 beautiful perfect reps (conventional dl) w/o using a mixed grip. Grip strength is my biggest issue I think.

I then proceeded to seated row 130x5 (which I’ve never managed to do with palms down grip; a month ago my three rep max was ~125lbs.

For some reason this week in the gym I’ve felt incredibly strong; I was dipping with 50lbs on a belt w/ ease; smashed my front squat PR (165x3) with 175x5, and tacked on 30 lbs to skull crushers (from 60-90lbs).

All my success I attribute to 3 things; one being chads hfs (which im on phase 2, not even the 2 a day part yet), a weekend of eating almost all carbs (not really too many food choices at home), and an odd hunger increase of late.

For the longest time I’ve had a lot of trouble with eating adequately. This
is why even though I’ve been lifting on 4 years now, I have only this past year had anything to show for it. Strangely though, in the past few months I’ve gone from ~2700 calories/day to nearly 4k without much weight gain.

Damn I’m pumped. “I’m the Juggernaut B**ch!” (follow this link if you don’t get it, I thought it was hilarious

good job bro! keep going man
god bless

Nice work burninator!

Thanks for the compliments. My goal now is to get 315 on the bar (prefferably without resorting to straps).

Wow Trogdor, how do you DL with just 1 big beefy arm? And far more importantly, where is your damned majesty?