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New PR's Part 2


This is part two to the "New PR's" thread. This is for any personal record/something you want to post about. Weight gain/loss, stronger pound for pound, PR in a lift, ect.

I slayed the thread with my last post apparently.

130X10 wide grip overhead press

225X9 bent over row


Back squat: 150kg x 5
Speed pulls: worked up to 180kg
1.5" deficit deads: 163kg x 7, which is technically a PR since I haven't gone hard on deficits for a long time, though I was pretty tired when I did it.

Lost some weight too. 85kg exactly.


Hit 225x12 on bench most reps I've ever hit with 225.


Rack pulls from knee height: 120kg (270lbs)x6. Technically a PR since I haven't really done rack pulls in years; Strictly speaking, not very exciting since I pulled the same weight from the floor for 9 in February... Never take a break, kids.


415 deadlift


Awww well damn had a good run. I have said on more than one occasion when ever the old thread was full I would stop posting in this thread so... Its been fun guys and keep it up.


Sorry to see you go. At least there's still your and your wife's log.


I'll still be checking in your log as usual. :slightly_smiling:


Damn we had a solid thread going in the old one


I'll just post my PR's from every workout again. :wink:

Also, Chobbs, what the heck happened to your log?


I've been lifting, but not really setting PRs per se.

Today I did SGHP cluster reps, and managed to get 145 for 6 reps with 10s pauses between the reps. That's a PR, but somehow my 2RM for that is still only 145. I don't totally know what's going on, since that actually doesn't make any sense.

Otherwise, I was working on pushing up my standing press numbers, but the doctor said to lay off all overhead work for a few weeks. Rotator cuff tendon issues etc.


It was renamed... it's sitting on pg2. Look for it. I like the new name.


Shame, it was sweet seeing your awesome PR vids. You can definitely post here if you want to.


How much do I have to pay for this advertisement lol


300X1 3 second pause wide stance squat
50X25s weighted planks
205X14 snatch grip shrugs with 3 second hold at top

Some from today. It was an all time personal best with that stance.


ok I can't help it old habits die hard and I feel stupid weird not posting this here... So Big Red Machine if it still bothers you I post this here.... Get over it :slight_smile:

Deadlift from the floor 2 sets of 5 with 500lbs.

Kristi hitting a 125lbs Bench Press with some sloppy form on the decent making only more impressive she got it some how.

Kristi with a 115lbs Push Press


Nice deadlifting. I saw it in your log first, since I didn't think you'd be posting here and I figured I should check there first. Glad to have you back here.


Slight Decline Bench from Pins

Ramped up to 170x2 (PR), and then did 6 cluster reps with 155 (also a PR). For what it's worth, 155 was my 3RM last time I did these.


Snatch Grip Deadlifts, ramped to 235x2. First time doing these.


OHP: 65kg x 3 (strict) and 2 more push presses
Push press: 80kg x 1. Not sure how people are push pressing so much more than they can strict press.