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New Protein???


I was the gym last night and overheard these dudes talking about "the best and newest protein". They went on to talk about Hemp Protein. They talked about whey being dead protein and hemp being live and raw, thus (according to their conversation)hemp being much more (over 50% more)anabolic than whey/casein. Has anyone ever heard of or tried hemp protein...what is the deal with this stuff??


Hemp seed protein has been around for a long time (discovered in 1881) so it is definitely not new. From a macronutrient stand point I cannot see anyway hemp protein is superior to whey or egg powders.

Now as far as plant sources of protein go I would prefer hemp over soy for the fact that soy contains phytoestrogens.

I fail to see how hemp is more "alive and raw" as it is still an extracted protein just as whey is. I'll stick with whey.


Hemp protein has been around a while and I haven't seen it make a difference in those using it.

I tried some of my training partner's and couldn't stomach the taste.

I think it may be useful in those who can't consume dairy and egg protein, however.


Yeah I've tried it, and it takes like ass

But they do have a point about raw food protein, you can get a good amount of protein from a properly formulated green smoothie which contains all the amino acids and building blocks of protein as well all the nutrients you need from vegetables....it's a very good addition to any diet.


It's for vegans. Stick with whey.


By the way, I'm willing to bet this claim is pure bullshit.


i'd rather pea protein if it came down to it.


i looked at a tub of hemp, and a tub of whey. the hemp was only 50% protein and cost almost twice as much, i also tried some, and it tasted like shit.


Trainers always recommend that vegetarians get nearly 1.5-2 times more grams of protein when their sources aren't from eggs, meat or dairy. This is due to them being of less quality...gg stupid hippy lifters.


I've used the pea(gemma) protein,it's not bad. Has a lot more arginine than whey or casein,digests quickly,and mixes well. Hemp seed protein is like trying to drink sand,in taste and mixability,can't use it.