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New Prot bar Labels

So I just picked up a new box of the Pure protein bars I love so much (s’mores,… yummy!), and suddenly, the new labels read a whole lotta carbs, but only 5g of ‘Net Impact’ Carbs… now I understand the Glycemic Index and all,… but I would love for someone to tell me if I should count the bar as 5g, or 30g towards the 100g I’m allowing myself each day.

Kinda curious as well

Count it as 5g because the only difference is they are now counting the glycerin and sugar alcohols as carbs. But they don’t act the same way in your body as a real carb does. So to make a long story short, they aren’t carbs.

New rules are making the manufacturers list he glycerine carbs on the label.

Just wondering…do the new bars still have “bovine collagen” in them? That might tend to throw off the 30g protein claim as they count it as a “protein”. I hope they took it out.

maybe net impact carbs are the only carbs that isn’t fiber. 25g. of good ol’ crap factory carbs.