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New Prohormones (THP ethers)

Do you know what the efficacy is between the “NEW” prohormones 5 alpha androstAne-3,17 beta diol and the 1,4 androstAdiene-3,17-dione? Do you think they would be safe for a 26 y/o female (6ft tall, long muscles) to take to put on some lean muscle quickly? I have seen that the 1,4 androstAdiene3,17-dione does act as an aromatse inhibitor but was wondering if a 3-5 week stint would help or harm this female?

Thank you for you time,

Chuck Rudolph MEd, RD

The first is a compound with little anabolic
effect but strong effect on the hair and prostate.

The second is a product of quite limited, if any, efficacy.