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New Progressive Movement


Look at this http://www.gen-we.com/ .

Look at the list of endorsements http://www.gen-we.com/endorsements

U.S. Senator Harry Reid
Arianna Huffington, Founder, The Huffington Post
Van Jones, President and Founder, Green For All

Tricking the youth of today into the same old liberal progressive bull shit.


don't worry you will still have some right wing wackos :slight_smile:


So to not want increased government size, spending, and intrusion in your life makes you a right wing wacko?

Do you think the founding fathers were right wing wackos?

Pit I think you would be much happier living in China, Venezuela, or the USSR.


No but worrying that because some one is not like you and is aware and does not want to repeat the same mistakes, makes you one


I am guessing these kids will want the biggest bang for their buck in RE: to liberty as do I


1st comment: I am not worried because someone is not like me, I am worried because this is propaganda being pushed on children not telling the whole story of why we are in this situation by the people who got us in the situation.

Specifically they talk about more educational spending (not Fed responsibility), they talk about more "green" energy unless it's nuclear then it's just another solyndra, everything in that video talks about more intrusion and fed gov growth.

2nd comment:

What does that even mean? Answer the questions. By biggest bang do you mean greatest erosion of liberty?


The high school dropout rate is the highest it has been in history, so what are you thinking that these emo-Libs are going to save us ?


Irrelevant, Generation We, whatever the fuck that is, might be bigger than the Baby Boomers but the Boomers already spent all the fucking money.


The Lib movement has failed, even here in Liberal California are people moving away from Democratic policies.

High Speed Bullet trains were estimated to cost 1/3 what it really costs.

Global Warming is over, no one can run on that platform, not even Obama.

Green energy?...Well...Solyndra is all I need to say about that.

Massive taxation and regulation has pushed business, industry, and the wealthy out of the state.

Highest taxes in the nation, 2nd worst unemployment rate in the country, 2nd worst performing schools in the country (yet the highest paid teachers in the country), 1/3 of the country's welfare, 1/2 of the country's illegal aliens....

Yep, pretty much the best way to send a state into bankruptcy at warp speed.


It's funny. I just spoke to one of my friends who had his oldest daughter graduate from Pepperdine and Liberal as all get out. He told me now that she's been working and paying her own bills, she has dropped a lot of her liberal thinking where it comes to economics. I cannot understand how someone could continue to be of a liberal mind while earning a living for themselves.

Once she get married and has some kids, the liberal mind regarding social issues usually changes as well.

I was a flaming eco-communist during college....it took just a few years on my own working to change all that.



We in California should be the best example of the Liberal failure.

The California High Speed Rail (bullet train) was originally projected to cost $34 Billion, it is now expected to cost over $100 Billion. How in the blue fuck can anyone get away with that ?

The California Dream Act was said to cost $40 Million per year, it is now projected to cost $65 Million per year. This, with illegal aliens costing California $7 Billion in lost wages !

Government is based in lies, why give them more money to piss away ?


If you're older than 30, then you don't really know what's going on. I'm 17 and I live in a generation of lazy-ass liberal teenagers who think just because they're "different" and don't want to "fit in" and "be like everybody else", that somebody fucking owes them something and that the government should do something about their troubles at school and protect them from being bullied. My generation needs to grow the fuck up and realize that the world ain't this little bubble of protection that these kids' parents have made it out to be. If you ask me, it's our parents' fault. I don't blame my parents because they raised me the right way and to not depend on everybody else to solve my problems. But a majority of these kids in my generation are a bunch of ungrateful fucks.



In before Push's gold bricks!

I know you won't listen, but you might want to talk less and listen more for a few years. Losing the attitude and listening to those "old folk" thirty-somethings (and older!) will net you some huge gains.

One more thing for future thought: if you are a normal kid, you are as smart as you will ever be around the age of 19. Ask anyone who has older kids, it's true.


If you take a moment to look into things, you'll see we need to be looking at all our energy options for the future, including green and nuclear. If you are serious, you'll realize that there are real risks, challenges, and problems with every energy solution. I think nuclear has to be on the table, but I also know people from Fukushima-ken ("that" place in Japan).

Sorry if this isn't the thread for this type of talk.


No, I don't have an "attitude" and yes, I get what you're saying. Sorry if my post made me come off as condescending. I try not to listen to anybody who doesn't have life experience. I kind of like to apply Dave Tate's training logic to it: If you're trying to bench 500 pounds, why would you listen to somebody that hasn't even benched 400? That's the way I see it. If you haven't been through the situation, then why would you try and give advice on it?

It's all a matter of logic.



Lol I can't agree more. When I was taking classes to become an EMT and taking a couple introduction to firefighting classes, the students were ridiculous. Pink hair, facial piercings, mohawks; the teachers were all old paramedics and firefighters. They told all these kids, look, you need to change that shit, or you're never gonna get a job in this industry..no old lady wants to call 911 and see a guy with a green mohawk and a giant nose ring get out of an ambulance. These kids would snicker and say that their appearance doesn't matter. In my three years as an EMT, did not see anybody that looked like those kids.

I can't imagine the professional world would be any better. Maybe I'm just prejudice myself but, and I'm only 25, but if I was hiring someone for a position, and I had a choice between someone who was clean cut and someone with pink hair and a nose ring (assuming they were equal in education and what not), I'm picking the former.

Now that I went back to school, and surrounded by this ridiculous mindset again and it's just outstanding to me that these kids can be so oblivious and think things like their appearance doesn't matter. They really think everything's just going to be handed to them. As Adam Corrola said, we're dealing with the first wave of participation trophy kids.


Did you mean to say "YOUNGER" than 30 in your above post? Otherwise I don't really understand what you are saying.

That's cool. You sound like a good kid. I wouldn't say you came off condescending, more like a cocky kid who is still learning.


That "kid" has moe vision and insight than people twice his age.


I seemed to piss off the so called conservatives :slight_smile: I feel terrible, MY point was if you think kids are going to hell because they want to do something better , then you got a problem. I think it is unlikely they will do some thing better but one can only hope

Your comment about me moving to China or USSR :)is funny these would be Republican heaven , Very little Regulation in RE to business. Treat your worker like shit if you like , Fuck the environment who needs it , who care about health care they breed like rats any how . That is China . The once USSR now referred to as Russia is trying to promote child birth.


You know you always rail against Cali , But a very socialist Germany is doing very well , Firts rate education , health care

Right now alot of governments are not doing so well , that will all change