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New Programs and Neurotype

After your great Neurotype work I can’t look at a program without correlate that to a Neurotype. Why in your New Programs don’t you attaches to the neurotypes?

We will eventually redo the neurotyping programs. But we had to make a choice. Although I consider neurotyping to be my Magnum Opus (and it’s still evolving) it is not widespread enough, people would get confused when trying to buy a program.

Furthermore, in an ideal world each of the 6 new programs would have 5 variations (one for each neurotype). which I might do in the future by programming the main work and then giving assistance work options for the 5 neurotypes.

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Sure, I understand.
I also feel confuse, because I want that “pure muscle mass” result, but I know that’s unlikelly match my 1B Neurotype.
Do you have some advise about this type of conflict?

Well, the “strong as you look” plan might fit the bill


All I can say about this is: WOW, Brilliant; and that I am already anxious to see how you do that. I am sure that it will be something great not just to see how you make the adaptations but also to learn from it. Congratulations

Hell yes. Very interested in this. Looking foreword to geeking out here