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New Program.

day one
barbell curl5x5
tri pull downs5x5
day two
leg press5x5
leg extensions5x5
seated calve raises.5x5
day three
5x400 meter sprints
with a 60 second break between each sprint
day 4
bent rows 5x5
seated rows5x5
dumbell curls5x5
tricep curls or what ever5x5
leg press 4x10
leg curl 5x5
standing calve raises 4x40
day 6
15 minutes on treadmil
going from 2.5 mph for 3 minutes then
4.5 for 3 minutes. then 8mph for 3 minutes then 2.5 for 3 minutes then 8 for 3 minutes
repeat for 2 more weeks then
take an easy week
then repeat for another 3 weeks
then take another easy week and then start new program.

What’s a tricep curl (Day 4)?

its lookin good.

dont know if thats the name for it it is what I call it. I have a bar made for them .

I would cut out some of the exerciese. What are 5 sets of leg extensions gonna do for you after you’ve done 5 sets of squats and leg presses except impeed on recovery? Basically, cut out some of the crap(tricep curls?? Leg extensions, etc.) I would also include more hip dominate movements. For instance, intead of leg presses, perform deads, goodmornings, glute ham raises, etc. I would take out your deads on day 1 and put them on day 2 or your other leg day in place of squats, then maybe do a unilateral movement for the knee extensors instead of the leg press. Hope that helps some. Once you actually start your workout, you will realize what you need to change. If your low back is sore as hell from deads on day 1, your squat is really going to suffer on day 2. You’ll work it out.