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New Program


Hey guys, I just started a new program this week, its westside. But im a little confused on some of it. I am relatively new to PL. And would appreciate if someone could take a look at it and help me out.


Monday Max Effort lower back
Reps to warm up on each exercise then do reps of 5 till it drops to 3 then hit a single as Max and keep track of that for next time you come back to this exercise this is conjugate method.

Deadlift standing on a couple mats or 2 plates
Rack pulls from 2 pins on rack
Regular good mornings
Sumo dead if u pull conventional
12 inch box squat for single

Assistance lats work after
Pull-ups,pulldowns,rows more volume you know how to do that

Max effort bench
Same principal

Close grip
Incline press
2 board
3 board
4 board
Reverse purple bands
Floor press

Assistance incline dumbbells for reps any hammer strength and tricep work

Box squat 2 weeks with bands or chains if you donĂ¢??t have that hit 8x2 with 60% then 70% next week speed work
Then hit lunges 4 sets walking heavy
Drag sled or do more hamstrings stiff leg deeadlifts and ham curls

Other 2 weeks
Reverse purple band squats from the top
Work up to up 85-90% for single
Than take if your max is 575 take 600 with reverse purple than if feels good go up to 625
Next week try and push another 25 to 50 lbs heavier.

Over weekend hot shoulders and arm blood work and just hammer them


This is not exactly westside.... The max effort "lower back" should be a max effort lower day... consisting of either a squat or deadlift movement. You said "reps to warm up on each then..."
I would assume that meant you go heavy on each? If not, thats what I read it as.
Pick 1 for the day.

Lats should be hit on bench day too as they are involved in powerlifting style benching.

I hit my lats 4x a week.

The squat day is not really right either for westside. Pushing another 25-50lbs a week is not realistic either. Also, westside is based on going to a max for the day, not an alltime PR all the time, and definitely not in a linear progression like you propose. Also, why only 2 exercises in the squat rotation?
The % for your speed squats should follow the basic % guidelines to an extent but should also be determined by the speed you move the weight. IF you can't really blow it up super fast, lower the weight a little.

D.E. upper
D.E. Lower
M.E. upper
M.E. lower
those are the 4 main westside workouts

Your arm/shoulder day should also be a bench accessory day. Hit some lats too. Maybe some light DB pressing. hammer triceps. If you really feel like it, then some biceps. Shoulders too. Especially rear delts.


Ya the guy who wrote it for me, said it was westside with a twist? And i trust him because he is in ohio and close with louie. The lower back day is monday it has deads in it. yes that is what i meant, i would warm up. Then i would go heavy on each. As for the lats. Should i do them on Wensday ( benchday) instead? As for the squat day, i was also thinking going up that much each week was a little unrealistic. i dont know why he only put X amount of squat exercises in the program. I was kinda confused as well. Thats why i wanted to get some help from my t brothers. As i said in my original post. I am very new to the powerlifting game. I just had my first meet on march 12. So i am just trying to find a good program to follow. Thanks for your feedback. :slightly_smiling:


If your shoulders aren't the healthiest in the world, then I would be sure to work the hell out of your upper back and lats and get your rotator cuff strong and healthy (all your shoulder heads the stuff face pulls work). Also, getting your triceps hella strong will help take some strain off the shoulder. For me, high volume from many different grips and angles helped me out the most (I train lats and upper back like a bodybuilder).

Sample back routine for me on ME bench day:
3x12 pause at the bottom lat pull down
3x12 pause at chest narrow neutral grip cable row
5x10 face pull
couple or so sets of shoulder superset or triset
pre/re-hab exercises. (sometimes do at home with bands if pressed for time)

I find the pauses on the cable work really help strengthen those muscles protecting my rotator cuff.


Okay awesome sounds great. As for the shoulders. What do you think about over head pressing, like military press. I did that yesterday with 235 for 3x6. is that good. Or should i stick to higher reps with less weight?


Good advice as well.


Are you sure he is close to louie? This is not what the guys at westside are doing....


Yeah, he is the VP of Muscle pharm. his name is cory gregory. And louie is one of there sponsored athletes. Supposivley he trained with them for a while. And he still keeps in contact because he lives close. but he did say it wasent exactly westside. Maybe he just made me his own program and incorporated some westside into it?


It's a good weight lol, btw, how heavy are you? But I would only see it as a problem is if your shoulders start giving you any kind of shit. For me it would be a problem, maybe it'll work alright for you.


Last time i checked im 347 lol. at like 24 percent BF. pretty horrible i know. i want to get into the 308 class. Okay that sounds good man ill try it and see.


With a program as demanding as most conjugate methods, you'll want to make sure your GPP is pretty good going into the thing, and that you keep it up or improve it.

I do this with my quaterny and quinary assistance work by keeping rest periods very low and reps and volume high. This can also be applied to the rest of your assistance and supplemental work.

I also do mini workouts throughout the week usually with bands for very high reps and very little strain. This is done to promote blood flow and recovery and some for extra volume depending on resistance. I might do very easy sets of 10 for volume, very easy sets of 25+ for recovery is the way I do it.

I also stretch, foam roll, and walk my dog, and take fish oil/glucosomine/MSM regularly.


I know some people who have trained at westside recently, and I have talked to some people from westside... nobody mentioned anything like this.

And going heavy on all those on "max effort lower back" day seems retarded to me...
If you try it and it works well, more power to you... but thats not the way I would do it for sure.


I know some people who have trained at westside recently, and I have talked to some people from westside... nobody mentioned anything like this.

And going heavy on all those on "max effort lower back" day seems retarded to me...
If you try it and it works well, more power to you... but thats not the way I would do it for sure.

Thats why i posted it here. I wanted to get some opinions about it. So basically i should ditch this program and make a better one?


Sounds great man! I appreciate the advice.


Make? doubtful. Find a template and work from it. Get a good program.

Look up the basic westside template and work from that. Make changes as needed.


If you want to follow the conjugate system there are a lot of templates floating around. Dave Tate has written a lot of good articles on the subject. However, if you are new to the game, it might be a safer bet to follow a more simple approach. Good luck.


Thanks for all the advice everyone. I appreciate the help! Time to train.