New Program

About me: 5ft11 176lbs, bench 225lbs, squat 235lbs, deadlift 330lbs. I have been suffering from a shoulder injury and my goal for the next 6 weeks or so is fat loss whilst maintaining lean muscle and strength.

Day 1
Chest and Back
5x3 ultra wide chins
5x3 normal chins
2xwarmup sets on decline press
3x6-8 decline press
3x8 bent over row
3x8 incline press
3x8 1 arm row
1xpress ups to max (as a strength/weight test as well as getting HR up)
upper body complex, approx (12 mins work)

Day 2
Legs - quad dominant
2x warm up sets on back squats
4x8 back squate
3x8 push press
3x8 z-bar curls
3x8 slightly bent over lateral raises
3x8 supersetted skull crushers and dumbell curls
upper body complex

Day 5
Legs - Hamstrings
8 sets total deadlifts, building up to 3rm
4x6 stiff legged, snatch grip deadlifts
lower body complex

Obviously i’m sticking to a fairly strict diet of around 2000kcal a day with a source of protein at every meal/snack and trying to pack in as much veg as possible. I take omega 3s 3 times a day and whey/dextrose/maltodextrin post training. On off days if i’m feeling good i do a bit of interval training or play soccer, just something active.

Does this look like a good program for fat loss? Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated.