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New Program, Week 1. Advice?


I don’t intend to make this a log but I will include my first week of workouts on this new program. I’m open to comments and questions… whatever it takes to help me and my workouts get better. If any body has any suggestions that make sense to me please explain the why, I’m not likely to make changes without “whys” that make sense.


In general, it’s difficult to evaluate a program without knowing one’s training goals.

Also, the workout presented is entitled “1st Day.” Does that mean there are other workouts for the second, third, etc, days? And either way, we need to know how frequently you plan to do a given workout.


Sorry did an intro earlier yesterday this is the first day of new programming in wrote for myself. The goal is to put on a little muscle, and increase my relative strength I didn’t post all the days because this being week one of my new cycle I reserve the right to make changes still. My split will include Monday lower
Tuesday upper
Wednesday lower
Friday upper
Just got off a Westside for skinny bastards template that I always had various slight nagging injuries up during, plus the demands on the CNS were pretty high. So this, is in a way my antithesis. I plan on posting just the first week after that running it for 12-16 weeks. Vitals 5’10 180ish offdays running, yoga and lots of mobility work. Thanks.


Alright, 1st week is in the books I had to make a couple of tweaks and changes here and there but I’m feel pretty decent about it. My goal is to increase relative strength, I am in a higher rep range but probably don’t eat enough to support a whole lot of growth, also I am a 16-8 intermittent faster been doing that for 7 months surpluss calories are harder to come by. I do train early an my eating window doesn’t start till 11am so I do take bcaa’s a couple of hours after training and generally do get 1 gram of protein per body weight. Below is my program.

Monday leg day
Deadlift. 4 sets. 12 reps
Front squats. 3 sets. 15 reps
Split squats k bell. 4 sets. 8 reps
Toe risers. 4 sets. 20 reps
K bell swings. 4 sets. 25 reps
Rev hyper. 4 sets. 20 reps
Weighted chins. 4 sets. 8 rep

Tuesday upper
Bench. 4 sets. 12 rep
Incline bench. 3 sets. 15 rep
Pullovers. 4 sets. 12 rep
D bell row. 4 sets. 12 rep
Hammer curl. 3 sets. 15 rep
Shoulder series. 3 sets. 8 rep

Box jump. 5 sets. 5 rep
Squat clean. 3 sets. 12 rep
Good am’s. 4 sets. 12 rep
Front squat. 3 sets. 15 rep
Overhead squat. 4 sets. 12 rep
Toe risers. 4 sets. 20 rep
Rev hyper. 4 sets. 20 rep

Friday upper 2
Overhead press. 4 sets. 12 rep
Dumbell snatched. 3 sets. 12 rep
Shrugs. 4 sets. 20 rep
Dumbell curls. 4 sets. 15 rep
Trap pulls. 3 sets. 12 rep
Station rows. 3 sets. 12 rep
Weighted dips. 4 sets. 10 rep
Tru push downs. 4 sets. 12 rep

If you have any suggestions please let me know. This is only my second round of programming I have written for myself.

  1. Why are weighted chins included on day 1 (‘Leg day’)?
  2. Is there a reason you work M/T/W/F, as opposed to M/T/Th/F? This would give two days off between Leg days (like you have between upper body days).


Good questions I put weighted chins on that day because I want to improve my chin ups and want to have them on a day when I’m not doing a bunch of other upper excersizes. The split is like that for a couple of reasons. I feel like my legs can handle the workload and recover quicker and it’s kind of a mental thing getting most of the weeks hardwork out of the way in the first half.


Sat a.m. this is my sick idea of fun
Run 2 miles @ 6:47 pace new record for me!!
10 sets of front squats 10 reps
10 sets of bench 10 reps
10 sets of toe risers 20 reps
10 sets of pull ups 5 reps

I did these circuit style in about 35 mins.

Low weight of course but a lot of fun, heart rate between 130 and 160 the whole time.