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New Program to Start for 2A Neuro Type

Hey CT,
Coming to the end of another phase of Look like a bodybuilder, perform like an athlete, (which I have really enjoyed and have increased all my 3RM lifts by 15%), but I am looking at doing something different to change things up…

Reading your threads on neuro types has been fascinating and I definitely am a type 2A, which was cool to learn and mirror up to the types of training stimulus that benefits 2A types, which I was heavily drawn too…

My question-

  1. As a 2A, what program do you suggest I move onto next?

My training preferences/motivations include:

  • My aim is to continue to gain strength and muscle mass to build a more athletic (footballer) look, rather than a bodybuilder look
  • So working with all exercises that support the athletic look motivates me
  • Enjoy pump/assistance work but not keen on growing a large chest / lats, more of a power look
  • I like using Olympic lifts as activation to begin my workout session (something like 3-5 x 2-3 @ 70%-75%)
  • I like to implement an arm session at the end of the week to build up my arms to add to my athletic look (an aesthetics preference)

Ive looked at the ‘Conjugate Bodybuilding Program’, would this be best or the ‘Power Building Training (PBT) Super Program’?

Thanks for the help,

That’s the thing: with 2A everything works, nothing works forever. You should go with a program that is as far as possible from the program you just did.

Conjugate bodybuilding is a typical 2A plan. It might not fit your bill as far as having olympic liftings in often, but you can add a few sets for activation purposes

Ok great, I was also looking at the high frequency bodybuilding program but that reads similar to the look the a bodybuilder, perform like an athlete program so wont go in that direction.

  1. What is the difference between ‘Conjugate Bodybuilding Program’ and PBT in terms of layout and which one is better to develop an athletic look? Which one is further away from he look the a bodybuilder, perform like an athlete program?

  2. Also, if there are any more, programs that you have created which you suggest that builds an athletic look that are available to buy or read?

Thanks again,

Well the only thing in common is the high frequency, the loading, methods and exercises are very different. But yeah, the “feel” will be more like “look like a bodybuilder” than the Conjugate bodybuilding

Well, the both will develop a similar physique as they both include explosive, heavy and pump work. The PBT has more variation because every phase is drastically different than the preceding one whereas the Conjugate plan includes lots of weekly variation but the feel of the program stays the same for the whole program.

That having been said, I have used the PBT with pro hockey players so it might be more “athletic” than the conjugate plab

Athlete lean, Athlete Strong ( https://www.t-nation.com/training/athlete-lean-athlete-strong )

The zombie apocalypse workout (https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/zombie-apocalypse-workout )

Hard body training for women (https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/hard-body-training-for-women ) … yeah I know it is typically for women, but it also fits the bill for the athletic look and is adequate for men too

The Indigo performance program ( https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/indigo-project )

Come to mind

Ok great, yeah the athlete lean and zombie apocalypse both excite me in terms of training, will definitely use when I decide to lean down…

Ill go with the ‘Conjugate Bodybuilding Program’ as it is cheaper program and I have done this template of training in the past and really enjoyed it. Ill save up some extra cash and maybe look to do PBT after completing…

  1. Just finally, does the ‘Conjugate Bodybuilding Program’ allow for adding a session for arms at the end of the week, again for my own aesthetics preference in the body I want to build? I noticed in the write up there are 2 optional extra training days which excites me because I like training 6 days per week…

Thanks again, cant wait to get started!

The 2 optional days are “double stimulation workouts” you can replace one of the them (ideally thursday) with an arms workout

Ok great sounds perfect…

Looking forward to starting!