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New Program Thoughts

Hey guys,
Just lookin for some thoughts on this. I have never been big into doing more than one body part a day and I am now switchin to a new routine to try something new. I did try TBT once and hated it (sorry, i know its big on this site).
To give you some backround I am 6’4, 245lbs, about 13% BF. Have been training for a couple of years. The diet is very clean, not worried about that. The new split is 3 days on 1 day off. I am doin cardio 3 days a week. The break down:
I am doing 3 exercises for each body part a day. I am doing traps (cleans) with back and shoulders and calves with legs. Just wanted to see what everyone thought.

Why don’t you try CTs more can be better workout?


There it is. So how come you didn’t like TBT? What you could do is like the link shows about do lower body and upper body split and have 2 day maximal and 2 day explosive each week. Just a recommendation. I haven’t trained that long so most of my knowledge is gathered from this site, books, articles, other sites, and trainers. Probably read almost every article like a hundred times.

Anyways, it depends on your wants. If you’re confused about what you want have you read CTs “The Training Strategy Handbook”? If not, it lists almost all forms of training with pros and cons. Maybe you’ll find what you want:


If you aren’t willing to change, I think your split is good. If you want a huge chest and back, try supersetting your chest workouts with your back instead. Here’s a link to how Arnold Schwartznegger did his workout:


Hopefully that article will give you a new outlook on splits.

I just didn’t enjoy the TBT. Didn’t feel I was hittin the muscle enough and trust me it is not because of intensity. I did it for a couple of weeks and just felt like hell to be honest. Different workouts for different people just have to see what works for you.

I feel the same way about upper and lower body splits. I personally don’t feel I can hit my chest, back, etc. hard enough by doing one or 2 exercises (even though there compound movements) twice a week.

With this split i am doing 3 exercises with 2-3 sets, mainly 3. I think CW is a great coach but I was never a big fan of his workouts. As for CTs, I am bascially using his one split but in a different form. Chest and back is to much for me in one day haha I would puke. I am doing heavy one day then light the next (heavy 4-8 rep range, light 8-12).

Appreciate the thoughts, keep them coming

Yeah I tried chest/back the other day never had a better workout in my life but all your points of valid. When it comes down to it, it’s how you feel. When I look at it, it’s definitely something I’d use and you’ll get the strength and muscle gains you want.

So just to get this right, 3 times a week you train heavy and the other 3 times you do light? EX: so chest/tri once heavy, once light?

That pretty much sounds like a more expanded version of CTs upper body/lower body split.