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New Program That Fits My Gym


I stopped seeing any gains with my old routine which was just some exercises in random order....
Ineed some help getting a good 5 day split monday through friday with saturday and sunday off, my other off day would be basketball/football/endurance/wrestling/boxing.

My gym isnt the best its only $40 a year so you cant beat that and it has some nice machines... I'll list all the machines first
Abb machine
Arm Press
Shoulder Press
leg press
leg extensions
leg curls
pull up machine
tricep extensions
bicep curls
bunch of cardio shit

there is a smith machine with all the weights and a curl bar. About it, bot to big but pretty cheap... I just need a decent routine, i read alot of articles mainly by CW but I dont have many of the machines that they list to use... I'm going for size I would like to gain about 5 to 15 pounds before christmas and I knoe some weight will be fat...


Check out DoggCrapp training. Might be a fit. It's an 8 day split, however


15 lbs may be hard to reach given that you have less than a month though.


$40 a year! Wow.

5 pound gain in 5 weeks. Doable. Eat. Big lifts.

Sounds like enough equipment to get started.

pull up machine - Do chinups, pullups and dips. Do not use the counter-weights to assist you (or at least have a view to work your way up to using BW soon).

I fear this machine is gonna be your best option.

curl bar? Is this a straight bar? You can deadlift with this. You could curl as well I suppose...

I'm lucky enough to have a power rack to do back squats. You should learn front squats with said 'curl bar'.

Otherwise most machines listed are crap. Shoulder press would be good (if only a poor substitution for dumbbells - which you dont list).


Sorry they do have dumbells from like 1 pound to 80 pounds and 2 free benches, its a curved curl bar that weighs 20 pounds... I know its doable. The pull up machince is just a seat and 2 arms that come down. I think leg press would be somewhat worth it, even though large amounts of weight around 400 hurt my lower back...



This kid is not ready for DC. DC is an advanced program and is NOT meant for beginners AT ALL. No offense, OP, but given your recent photo post, I think you are AT LEAST a good 3-4 years of hard, heavy training and consistent big eating before you have are going to be even close to needing an advanced routine like DC.

The blogspot link is not accurate to what DC is. I dont know where you got that 8-day split thing either, as DC is not an 8-day split.

OP, look at Starr's 5x5 and Berardi's massive eating.


I'm going to fix your post for you ok skidmark?

Dante would flip his shit seeing this thread and since there aren't many DC guys around here I feel somewhat of a responsibility to make sure this site doesn't contribute to the growing problem that bb.com and other sites have caused when it comes to DC. Problems with this advice in bullet form

-Cody is inexperienced, has asked many basic questions, still feeling his way around
-He has a somewhat limited gym(80 lb dumbbells anyone?)
-You linked to a site that hasn't been updated with new information in some 7 years. Things have changed since then
-You didn't know anything about Cody(and if you did this is worse) and gave him a program that doesn't fit him at this point in time despite Dante pleading with people to keep quiet about it
-Do I need more or are these good enough yet?

Cody this isn't a dig on you, you are a beginner trying to learn and I respect that and will help you in my next post, but that advice is irresponsible and I can't let it pass.