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New Program - Please Tear It Up


Hey guys....some of you have noticed that I just began posting and it was suggested to post my routine and nutrition to let some of the more advanced members critique my routine and suggest changes for the better. If I posted this in the wrong area, please let me know to so I don't screw it up next time...thanks

Routine: 20 Rep DL 8 weeks; 20 rep Squat 8 weeks

WO A - DLX20 (warmup with 155 X comfortable feeling)
Chins - 25 reps total - complete first cycle at 50
BO BB Row - 25 reps
Seated DB Curl - 3 sets

WO B - DLX20 (same)
Press - 4 sets
Chins - same
Inc DB Benchpress - 4 sets
Weighted dips - same as chins

I alternate a Mon, Wed, Fri routine switching these two, I also do GVT in the evenings the day I train but just on the BB Bench and have two light cardio days, about 30min sessions at a very easy pace to maintain my PT test scores.


Right now I don't tally up cals but use my hunger and energy levels to guide what's going on. On the days I train I'm starving constantly so I eat more in regards to total cals and carbs. I eat clean majority of the time and plan out my meals becuase I don't wanna put that many empty calories in me. I also try and drink four glasses of 2% with my main meals. I try to eat every 2 1/2 hrs of solid food throughout the day consisting of pork, beef or chicken with either brown rice, potatoes or some other starchy carb that I can mix up and make it taste decent. I limit carbs at night to about 30g at dinner where this meal is mainly green vegetables and meat with milk. I wake up to a shake first thing and also PWO.

This is the general overview of what I have. I haven't maxed out yet but can give you the weights I'm using now. Please let me know what types of changes can be made to this program and I appreciate the support


Workout A - Deadlift
(then the other stuff you have)
Workout B - Squat
(other stuff)

Why deadlift twice a week for 8 weeks and then drop it for squats? Why not do both?
Don't neglect your legs.


Good call, I did think about changing it to squats on mon and fri, then DL on wed. Then the following week DL on mon and fri and then squat on fri...something like that to incorporate the goodness


oh and by the way welcome to the forums. Good luck.


Rule #1: Go heavy or go home.

Are you trying to get stronger or what? 20-rep squats are done with a 10-rep max, and I doubt you are really doing that twice a week. 20-rep DL's done with a 10-rep max are asking for trouble.

Go with a ramped 5x5 on all of the above movements and you'll start seeing drastic improvements in strength.


5x5 routine is a good call on big compound lifts and I agree you need to lift heavy and eat big. I suggest you look through the site as there are many great articles to help you start up a good routine. Also there is a lot of good nutrition advice. The threads stickied at top of the beginners forum have links to some great information that will help you massively in trying to achieve your goals.


Just train normally.


What are your goals?

I agree on not doing 20 rep deadlifts every workout. Why do you want to do 20 reps on deadlifts and squats? I guess it goes back to what are your goals?
Personally if I'm training 3 times a week I like to have a different workout each day.


I'm afraid the average person needs more explanation than that. Besides, what I 'normally' see in the gym is curls and bench, followed by more curls and a bit more bench. I'm all for giving the simplest answer possible, but.....