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New Program Issues


Hi Guys,

Here goes my first post…I’m having issues with picking a program and I’m looking for some advice/suggestions.

I’ve been training since I was 18 (26 now) but always bodybuilding focused, the last two years have been hit and miss due to family issues and injury. In this down time I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m bored of cable flyes and tricep pushdowns (they may have some use) and like lifting heavy shit.

Saying that I don’t think I lift to heavy and want to get stronger but having had so much time off this last two years I want to be back in reasonable shape too, not 10% BF or anything but you know what I mean. I’ve looked at some programs and doesn’t seem like there would be enough assistance to have a reasonably all round decent physique and don’t want to start playing around with proven programs to the point they don’t work.

I’m also awkward in the fact I tend to get bored and not stick to a program but I know consistency will be key in building strength. I’ll stop there as I’ve waffled on.

If it helps judging if I’m a beginner or intermediate my current Maxes off a test 3 weeks ago are 180/140/210 all in KG.

Thanks for any replies.