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New Program Ideas and Suggestions?

In the pursuit of making new programs. Would appreciate all your critique, ideas, suggestions, experience etc… Let’s make programs😁

Program 1: High frequency, unified, 4 day
training split

Program 2: 4 day fullbody with properly
arranged antagonist superset

Program 3: 4 week plan with each week
dedicated for 1 lift and associated

Program 4: 3 phases(muscular endurance,
hypertrophy, strength, repeat till
eternity) with 4 weeks for each.

I’m looking forward to this folks. Brainstorming time.

This belongs in Bigger, Stronger, Leaner @Chris_Colucci

Didn’t get that mate. Did you mean I am in the wrong forum?

This thread seems like it belongs in a different sub-forum, IMHO.

It’s my understanding that this sub-forum which you posted under, #christian-thibaudeau-coaching, is intended for direct questions posted to CT and not open-ended questions and discussions where all members are invited to contribute

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Ah. Kay. Then how to remove this.

Click the trash can on your first post in this thread. If you want to ask the same thing in the other sub-forum you might want to copy the text first so that you don’t have to write it out all over again.

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Might help people if you provided information regarding yourself.

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No need to remove it, I shifted it into the correct section.

However, the topic of the thread is a huge ask. Like, you want people to randomly lay out several months worth of detailed programming? With no mention of actual goal or any particular context?

I don’t even understand some of what you’re saying.

What do you mean “unified”?

Why are antagonist supersets required? They don’t really fit well with full-body workouts.

5/3/1. That was easy. But if you only run it for 4 weeks, you’ll get basically zero benefit.

Designing a complete 12-week periodized plan is something people pay good money for. Never mind that running in 4-week blocks for each phase is arbitrary and not necessarily ideal based on the lifters actual needs, current condition, and other variables.


If you’re intermediate-advanced …bench 315 for reps/deadlift 500/built like a linebacker etc then do whatever you like.
-If not just run through proven templates, can make tons of progress with the top coaches stuff here, the path is all laid out

I think

This neuro type does better on a “unified” training day – training a single movement pattern or a single muscle group.

If it wasn’t so CT specific I’d guess this was trying to get the Internet to do homework for him/her.

If that’s what Breaker meant, then I’d say it’s literally impossible to program a “high frequency unified 4 day split” because you’d either need more training days per week or lower frequency or only train two movement patterns/muscle groups per week while ignoring everything else.

Indeed. It’s the only time I’ve seen the term though. And I diligently queried my notes.