New Program Critiques

I am 24 years old 6’2 208lb, My goal with this program is max strength development, while maintaining some of my endurance on the track. I realize the program doesn’t include leg exercises. This is because I can’t seem to recover from doing a leg workout and sprinting at the same time. The “Core training” portion is a whole group of exercises such as V-ups, Leg raises, plank, russian twists etc etc…

Any suggestions are appreciated (including some recovery suggestions so I could try to work in lunges and step ups).


day 1:
Pull up
Barbell Bench
DB Lateral Raise
DB Curl
Core training

Day 2: HIIT

Day 3:
T-Bar row
Inclined DB Bench
DB upright row
Core training

Day 4: HIIT

Day 5:
Bent row
Overhead press
Core training

Day 6: Off
Day 7: Off

As a former high school and college sprinter i will tell you that the best way to improve is to add a few sets of legs like squats or dead lifts ever time you lift so that your legs will adapt to being able to working hard multiple times per day.