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New Program, Crazy?

I posted my training program a while back trying to figure out why I always felt weak in day 1, and was told the routine had way too much volume. I found that that once I dropped the triceps lockout prior to chest training things went fine. I have been on the program for several weeks, gaining some decent poundage both on my lifts and frame.

As my progress halted, I have recently started a new (but similar) routine that seems to work fine, but it maybe completely out of whack as I have little experience of designing my own programs. I know I could just choose a program from this site, but it’s much more fun the other way around. Here goes:

Day 1: Chest and Back

  • Barbell Rows: 5X5

  • Dumbell Rows: 3X8-10

  • Lat Pulldown: 4X6 (alternated with chins/pullups)

  • Isolation Exercise

  • Bench barbell press: Going for 10X3, probably 7-8X3.

  • Incline barbell press: 2X7-8

  • Dips to failure

Day 2: Legs and Shoulders

  • Dumbell shoulder press: 3X6-7

  • Behind neck press: What I feel like

  • Lateral raises: 3X10

  • Deadlift: work up to a heavy single + some sumos and snatch grips

  • Breathing Squats: 20 reps (the weight is a little less than usual because of the deadlift, still makes me want to cry)

  • If I can still walk, some leg curls or extensions.

Day 3: Arms and traps

  • Close grip bench press: 2-3X6-8

  • Triceps extension: 5X5

  • Barbell curl: 4X6

  • Incline curl: 2-3X8-10

  • Isolation exercise.

  • Power shrugs: 3X5-7.

This is the basic outline, I don’t follow it religiously. For instance instead of doing both dumbell 5X5 and military press 8X2, I may do DP 2X5 and MP 3X5. I also try to do some low volume leg work every workout, as well as lagging body parts.

For bench press, I’m working up to a 5X5 (3X10, 3X8, 4X6, 5X4). That’s basically what I do with the other low-rep exercises too, progressing to higher rep ranges.
The leg day may seem a bit crazy, but it sure is blowing up my legs.

This may seem too much, too little… I Don’t know. At least I seem to be able to add some weights on most lifts every workout. Please comment on how I could improve this program, as I like it very much so far.

Well not crazy, but you could change a few things. As long as you are taking a day off between these days you should be getting enough recovery. Stick with the chin-ups pull-ups vs. curls and lat-pulldowns.

I would encourage you to look into one of chad waterburys programs because that is where I have found success. Variety in exercises and rep ranges keep me interested. Switching programs after 4 weeks and a week off. I think his workouts have the right amount of volume and intensity for growth.

Spend less time drawing up programs and more time in the gym. Very few big guys use training journals and draw up elaborate training schemes.

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
Spend less time drawing up programs and more time in the gym. Very few big guys use training journals and draw up elaborate training schemes. [/quote]

Thanks for the reply, but the few minutes spent on writing this post doesn’t really interfer with the time I spend in the gym. It’s just for fun.

And I would think “big guys” change up their training schemes from time to time when progress halts, even if its all in their heads.