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new program after a break

Hi All,
I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for jumping back into a program after a break. Let me explain… I was doing a version of Meltdown training and was only two weeks into it. Then i got called out to go west for firefighting. So, I had 14 days on the line of hard aerobic work for the majority of the day (10-12 hours or more on my feet working) diet was out the door. now, i’m home and i don’t know what to do. should i take a rest week? just jump back into meltown? I think i gained a few pounds eating so many carbs for two weeks. would a gaining cycle be more appropriate now? since i got a bit of extra fat already? my goal was slimming up a bit before I left, but i’m flexible. i want to improve all around (stregth, size, leanness etc) thanks all!!

Go for mass… You weren’t even close to fat before, and adding some mass will probably look better than cutting.

If you just spent 14 days on the line, then you’re pretty tough, girl. An attitude like that and that kind of determination makes you a good candidate for some mass…
Always go for mass.

Thanks guys,
yeah, I loved the work out there, even showed up a few guys on occasion! I guess you’re right, mass would be a good thing for me. I got a few comments during my trip, like, “what do you weight, 95 pounds soaking wet?” and “one stiff breeze and you’re gonna fly off this mountain” hahaha! I also got a greater amount of double takes and nice comments. who knows… so, not everyone can appreciate thin girls. not that i’m anorexic or anything, geez, but more muscles would be nice. what’s your favorite program for that?