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New Program Advice?

It’s been a while since I’ve made a whole post, but I’m switching up my routine. I’m about bored up to my eyes with 5/3/1 and need something to liven me up a bit.

I’m going to attempt to create my own program from a combination of things I’ve enjoyed, and seen progress from, while focusing on my biggest weakness: Squat.

I’m leaving the program pretty fluid for the first few weeks to allow changes where I deem necessary, and then will dial it in aggressively. I would just like some second opinions on some things.

  1. My main focus is strength, specifically on squat, with the hope of it also driving up my deadlift.

  2. My secondary focus being completely removing strength oriented overhead pressing, and focusing on form/supplemental lifts to fill in weaknesses due to consistent minor strains in my upper back after pressing.

The general outline is the following:
Monday: Squat
Tuesday: Bench
Thursday: Deadlift
Friday: Squat variation, lower intensity.


-Extensive Warm Up
-Main Lift, rotating between “Light/Medium/Heavy” days, 5 sets
-superset with antagonistic/synergistic lift
-Volume lift, based off of weight from main lift 3 sets
-Core OR Single Leg Accessory
-Speed work with chains. Light weight, performed with opposite lift. Ie. Speed Squat on Deadlift Day.
-Accessories dependent on fatigue.


-Warm Up
-Squat Variation (changing every 3-4 weeks) 5 sets. Moderate reps at RPE 7ish
-General Accessory Work. Lots of shoulders and core.

Anything that sends up red flags? Also, I’ve never programmed a movement twice a week, so I’m not totally sure how my body will handle it over extended training. I figure I get 3 days rest from the heavy-ish squat, and 2 days rest from the light-ish variation, I should be able to recover fine.

And one thing I’m not totally sure of, is the deadlift day and speed squat. Even though it would be speed based, that’s technically a 3rd day with a squat movement. Would it be more beneficial to put the speed squat on my Friday variation squat day, and devote more time to assistance on Deadlift day? Or is it not really worth worrying about?


It looks fine. Nothing jumps out as an issue. Run for a few months and reassess