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New Professional Bodybuilding Divsion


Gonna be interesting to see how this plays out:

Pro Division News Release #4
Contributed by The Roving Reporter

Pro Division Inc announced today the ways in which athletes can participate in Pro Division Inc competitions/events.
Wayne S. DeMilia, CEO of Pro Division Inc states, ?We have been inundated with requests from athletes encompassing every point on the globe. We are totally elated from the massive response we have received from interested athletes. We have formulated a program to be not only open and progressive, but also honest and fair.?

Pro Division Inc will consider for pro status in their program athletes who meet the following criteria.

Any male athlete who has achieved pro status from any other organization.
Any male athlete who has won a national or international title from any other organization.

In addition, because we have received so many requests from amateur athletes wishing to participate in our events, we have set up a program to achieve that goal.

Pro Division Inc will promote each year a series of ?Amateur Pro Qualifiers.? These events will be run for the sole purpose of amateur athletes achieving pro status in Pro Division Inc.

The first three of such events will be promoted on the following dates and locations:

  1. Florida August 11-12
  2. Las Vegas August 25-26
  3. New York City September 15

Each event will have five weight divisions, and for our first year, the top two in each weight division will receive pro status. Weight divisions are as follows:

Up to 175 pounds
Over 175, up to and including 190 pounds
Over 190, up to and including 205 pounds
Over 205, up to and including 220 pounds
Over 220 pounds

The Sports Act of 1978, and a subsequent ruling on the matter in 1983, has given amateur athletes the right to compete in any organization any time they wish without fear of threats or reprisals.