New Products

Bill, Brock, Tim, anybody. Is there any update on when any of the New products will be coming out. Like the N-17e product or the New methoxy product. I am saving up to buy these and was wanting to know when any of your new products will be out. Thanks for the great products and the awesome site.
Big Mac

I’m going to make a point to call Tim Patterson
this week to find out where we are with Euphoria and T-2.

I am dying for this stuff to hit the market


The new methoxy product is very close now.
We have everything on hand, and we’ve
finished testing which has quantitated how
much of an improvement it is over the old
formulation. Twice as good and with
much-improved duration of action,
however we’re going to do one more quick
test for another possible tweak. We’re
talking about only a few days there.
(By the way, we’re the only ones ever
to measure the amount of active compound
in the blood, requiring development of a
new technique.)

T-17E and N-17E should be real close also,
not quite as close, but I’ve made so many
predictions that did not come out that I don’t
want to do so again. There comes a time that you have to admit your predictions on release
date have just not been right, and that’s
were I am on predictions of release date of the
ethers. That doesn’t mean they’re way off,
just means I won’t make another specific guess.

What about the post-workout formula? When is that going to be available?

Bill, I’m also curious about the release date of the postworkout formula. Have you tried it? Is it going to have as much impact on recovery as Tim and John are claiming?
I assume that T-17E and N-17E will be much better for putting on muscle than Androsol or Nandrosol. When these products are released is Androsol/Nandrosol going to be obsolete or is there a place for both?
Is there any new product ideas you can let us in on?

seriously. i can’t wait for N-17E and T-17E. A much safer and legal alternative to AAS. I understand Bill doesn’t want to say when it’ll come out but I hope its before summer, less than 2 months that is. We can only pray…

The post workout drink and N17E are at the top of my list. I can’t wait for those two supplements to come out.

N-17E and T-17E will stack well with Androsol
and Nandrosol, since testosterone and nandrolone are Class I steroids that stack
well with the diols. Androsol and Nandrosol
will come off the market only if the FDA bans
them specifically (actually, there was something of a scare
on that, they were looking into Androsol specifically but it seems we are legal, as we were quite careful to be) or if a better
delivery system for 4-AD is available to us.

For example, if we had an oral form of 4-AD that cost less to use and gave good duration of action, and gave the same blood levels of T and 4-AD, it would make sense to replace Androsol and Nandrosol with such a product. We are certainly going to keep diols in the product line because they have excellent properties -- if you just get blood levels high enough long enough.

Bill, I am not sure why you purposely avoid answering a simple question about the estimated time of arrival of the post workout formula. I have seen this question posted many times before (including this post) and you always seem to weasel your way out of it. What is going on here? Another slick mind trick to hype up the product even more?

Roman, it’s for two reasons that I am not
giving a prediction on the release date
of the post-workout formula. The first,
which by itself is more than sufficient,
is that I’ve blown too many predictions on
release dates already and basically I now
have no credibility in guessing when even
a product that I designed is coming out.
At least I feel that way…

And second, the post workout formula is not
one that I am consulting on – I don’t know
anything more about it than you do.

Bill, thanks for an honest answer! If you could ask somebody who knows and pass the info on it would be greatly appreciated by everybody here.

i don’t think i have seen this info on the site before so i’d figured i’d ask: what is the delivery system for the n17-e and t17-e? is it in pill form or topical like androsol or what? please excuse me if this info is available elsewhere…i just can’t remember reading it. thanks --rush7

Roman talking to John Berardi this weekend he seems to think that the PW product will be available in about 3 weeks. I know I’m looking forward to this one too.

Ha! This is really cool. I am sure as hell tired of mixing all ingredients myself. I wonder what the cost will be…