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New Products

Have any of you heard of or used these new products? The first two are T-BOL 100 and TEST-100 made by Chemi-sport. The other is DERMA JECT made by PBL. Thanks everyone!

I tried the test 100. I wasn’t on the right diet. Now I’m trying Mag 10 with at least 4000 calories a day and gained 20 lbs. Did you try it? I know it’s popular.

I’ve only done MAG 10, and I saw great results too. I know a bunch of guys competing that swear by this T-BOL and TEST stuff. I’m just curious about how it compares to Mag 10 I guess.

I have friends that did T-BOL 100 and TEST-100 they agree that MAG 10 is better. Steroids are even better though.