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New Products and Release Schedule


Is there a set time frame for the new products like MD-6, Rez-V, and HOT-ROX Extreme???


They said HOT-ROX Extreme would come out very very soon.


I read that in the concentrated Alpha Male thread, but I was primarily interested in the MD-6 release and Anaconda's release. Any word on these?


Yes, when it is finished.



HAHAHAHA....that was good.

I guess we'll all have to wait and see, but I was hoping that maybe we could get a better idea of what to expect in the next few weeks.


I would also like to know about the HOT-ROX extreme release date..


Everybody needs to order a bunch of supplements. It always seems people order a bunch of stuff and they come out with something new.


I took one for the team and ordered my HOT-ROX Sunday. You can thank me later.


Why can't I thank you now?

Yes, I agree, it makes sense that a new product comes out when the old one has no backstock left.


I just ordered every last bottle of HOT-ROX.

Okay, not really, but I'm hoping Timmy boy doesn't look this far down in the posts.


I ordered a bottle the other day, but that was before I read the thread. I can't claim to have taken one for the team, but I really needed some HOT-ROX. I hope that it is ready for release and that's all we're waiting for.


This is of high importance to me as well.. I am running out of Carbolin 19..... as soon as i buy a bottle i know they will release HOT-ROX.. DOH!


I`m really intrigued by the thought of a muscle building supplement that would be anywhere near the power of the old prohormones, such as "Anaconda". The availability of such supplements is becoming very scarce because of all the fuss over "the juice". It would also be nice to see a product come out that would "jack" up your immune system to the max, so that we could physiologically prepare ourselves for the coming of the "bird flu", or whatever it is that is predicted to possibly be harmful or fatal to humans.


That would be pretty sweet, although I don't know if they would do it because I don't think Biotest would make a product that they could sell to us because of fear of birld flu.


Well, we got one answer out of the way. HOT-ROX Extreme is now available in the T-Nation store. YAY!!!!


And the whey, and Tim said MD6 is 3 weeks out (I belive)


As in "whey" the economical protein they might come out with? Did I miss this somewhere?


Pinned on the forums, and in the store; Get Ready to Be Happy: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1067084


What exactly are the Rez-V and Anaconda supposed to be?


Anaconda is supposed to rival MAG-10 in it's muscle building effacy. (Mabey he said anabolic, I can't remember).

Res-V is resveratrol, supposed to be a estrogen angagonist I belive, like M was when they still had it.