New Product

What type of product would you like to see Biotest come out with next?

A carb blocker that actually works.

N-17E looked to be amazing, but it has been plagued with delays. Hmmm, I like the idea of the Euphoria product as I would definitely pick some of that up. Maybe some Biotest type of Nair product. Tair? Ouch, sounds like it would hurt.

A magical primo/anavar oral that somehow, through some remote technicality, passes as a legal supplement:-)…any chances guys?

Little elves that carry your weights and protein around and don’t complain.

“Too tired to quoteth shite”


Strawberry flavored Grow! and Grow! protein bars.

Any of the new Pro hormone products or any of bills secret products would be nice. They have been talking about these for a couple of months and I am getting really excited to try some of these out. They are suppose to blow all other legal supplements away. Thanks

I would like the protein bars.

I just wish they’d put that little hole in the bottom of their Advanced Protein scoop so I could get a full scoop without hassle. You notice these things on the Fat Fast.

A home self-liposuccion kit would be fine. If they could launch their topical fat cell killer before summer ends would be fine too. In Canada, November is not a good time to be ripped.

i want the legal version of clomid. the spot fat remover would have been nice too.

I’ll second Cougar. A decent tasting Bar would be my #1 choice for the next product.

A laxative that feels as smooth as if your’re taking 6 tablespoons of Colon Cleanse–all in one capsule. Remeber that interview with Dr. Antonio where he talks about liposomal technology? I need that stuff because it’s a bitch trying to get six meals in one day.

The new prohormone!! We have been teased with it for 6 months or more now…enough teasing guys…deliver it up to us…I am starting to feel like a guy dating a D$#%-tease girl…promise, promise, and not putting out!! WE WANT IT! (OK enough ranting…lol!)

I’d like to see Biotest develop a magical pill that enables me to gain massive amounts of muscle without having to lift a single weight. Well, okay, I don’t really want that, because I enjoy working out, but I bet Biotest would make a lot of money off the sheeple population. They could call it “M-17E”. (Oh, did you mean, like, a real product? In that case, I’d like to see, in the following order, Euphoria, N-17E, the herbal Clomid product (Herbmid?), and T-17E.)

Our Clomid replacer will be here within
8 weeks I hope. I have a conference call with
another Biotest techie tonight to discuss this
and the EXACT formulation. So far, I am
quite impressed. -


How about a magic pill that melts of gyno caused from that EAS Andro-6 bullshit.

I would like to see a Biotest pain killer. I have all kinds of aches and pains and I hate using aspirin because of the side affects. A good pain reliever with no side affects would be cool.

I would like to see a real deal GH product.

1)Euphoria…2)Strawberry Grow(and a box of 60 assorted flave)…3)Grow bars…4)Blue speedo w/ orange T on the crotch