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New product suggestion

For those who have knee problems, I came up with a mixture of chondoitin and glucosamine that will help the knees recover. I thought of a great name for it. “Kneegrow”. People ask me what I sell, I’ll tell them, “Kneegrow”. LOL

Pretty good, Timbo! I’m always up for a little linguistic humor. Tell me, though, will your new product help me get tan?

LOL. Thats funny bro.

Heya Manimals. Careful Timmy, could be taken as a racial slur. Heh heh, lata.

“MB Eric: Doin’ an extra skull crusher with…I mean for, the kiddies since 1911.”


that made me spit up my dinner,real friggen funny.

The Original SB is flattered that someone would use his handle! Wow, can’t imagine someone wanting to be an SB…:slight_smile: LOL!

Thats good stuff man. Ha! Maybe T-mag will start selling kneegrow!