New Product Names

It has always intrigued the way that products are named for marketing effect. Here at Biotest/T-Nation we have:

Maximum strength HOT-ROX - that should be the most powerful they have but no you get…

HOT-ROX Extreme- This stuff is the bomb and I have lost 16 pounds of unwanted me in 4 weeks with no cardio (cardio is for losers) and no caloric restriction.

I wonder what the next version will be called. I’m thinking…

HOT-ROX Nuclear Meltdown.

Your thoughts.

[quote]Mike Sullivan wrote:

HOT-ROX Nuclear Meltdown.


Isn’t that what MD6 is? Just melts away fat and muscle

Sully, I like your idea.

I’m thinking

HOT-ROX heat
HOT-ROX Magma, “it literally melts the fat off”

You guys forgot about


or even


or better yet

HOT-ROX v2.0