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New Product Injection Pain

I’ve been on 1 ml testosterone cypionate from doc for 8 months no problem occasionally pain in quad alternate between legs. Did 1ml testosterone enathate, plus 1ml eq last night after shower and cleaned area with alcohol before and after. I use a 1 inch pin, feels like a Charlie horse but only when a stand or walk. I have had cellulitis before and onset was under 24 hours. I am thinking a lot of benzoyl alcohol in gear causing pain?

Underground lab gear can have too much BA. Check the vial label, up to 2% is considered okay, 1%seems pretty standard these days. They can also use ethyl oleate in the mix which many people have a bad reaction too, which sounds like what you might have.
I define PIP as pain that is like a bruise when touched. Painful, yes but not debilitating, won’t interfere with daily activities or training. Charlie horse type pain, swelling for me at least I relate that to ethyl oleate, painful pretty much all the time, especially when you put weight on it. Feeling like crap, definitely not wanting to do leg workout if its in the quads. Seems a bit more mangable if injected into the glute.

Yeah it has two benzene compounds in it, at this point not getting worse.