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New Pro-Steroid Supplement

I just bought Boldione and 3-Alpha. Two new products from Molecular Nutrition. Boldione contains: 1,4 androstadienedione and 3-Alpha contains: 5alpha-androstane-3alpha, 17betadiol. I just started taking both today so I’m not sure if it’s any good yet. Has anyone heard anything about these supplements and their ingredients??? Is this stuff worth the cost??? Any insight appreciated.

Ouch! Bad move. T-mag has stated again and again that the “5” prohormones are estrogenic, cause rapid hair loss, and don’t work all that well to begin with. I think this info was in either a “Behind the Scenes” or the Pro-steroid Roundtable article.

As for the 1,4 stuff, Bill Roberts said on another post: “Yes, I tried it briefly while off-cycle and got nothing from it, but that
does not mean that a natural trainer might not benefit. I haven’t heard of
anyone being a real fan though, and it’s been out for some time. So far
as I know there is no evidence yet that substantial blood levels of
boldenone are achieved, and unlike 4-AD, the compound is effective
only after such conversion rather than being inherently active.”

Sounds like you got a some shit products there, shit products I might add that you could have researched easily before you purchased. Sorry, lecture over. I hope you can still get a refund. Good luck.

Do you always buy supplements first and THEN ask people if they’re any good? I hope so, because I have transdermal Weider protein I’d like to sell.

Damn!! So this stuff is really that bad? I actually bought this stuff because I got sick of waiting for Mag-10 to come to local nutrition stores. Is Mag-10 available from Biotest right now or is there a wait?

May your breast become fuller and firmer. Maybe a whole cup size.

You can call Biotest and see. I hear from others (I pre-ordered mine) that they’re getting their orders pretty quickly. Netrition has it too.

I ordered my second three bottles of Mag-10 on Dec. 28 (to get the free M and stock up), and it was here by Jan. 3. Based on your previous purchases, why buy Mag-10 when you can stock up on Soy protein powder and cutting gel? I’m kidding, of course…

Well thanks to everyone for the roast… I’ve learned my lesson. The worst part about it is, I was all set on getting Mag-10. Now instead, it sounds like I have wasted money I could have spent on a bottle of Mag-10. I wonder if Molecular nutrition has a money back guaranteed.

Actually, when I said that the “5” prohormones were estrogenic, this referred to “5-ene”
prohormones (those having a double bond in the 5 position) not to 5-alpha prohormones. I realize now that that wouldn’t be clear to most people. I’ll make sure to be clearer on that in the future.

Still, this (the 5-alpha diol mentioned second) is a “bad news” product. It has little anabolic effect, but is potent in increasing prostate size and is a compound especially implicated in hair loss. I would absolutely avoid it.