New Prescribed Protocol

I am also doing TR. Levels were at 299. I was prescribed 200 TC per week, 0.05 MIC twice per week, HGH 500 Units once per week, 0.05 Arginine twice per week and something similar to Arimidex to keep estrogen levels low. Anyone’s Thoughts on this Cycle. Doing it for 20weeks on my second week now. Figured this will be great since I work out but have gained fat over the last year cause of work schedule. I did do a cycle in my 20s, but not from a Dr so I am excited. With those current prescribed cycle what would be my results. I go to gym, 3 days a week , 2 hours per session with Lifting, Cardio and Stomach. Average meal now is 3 egg whites with honey turkey no bread. Lunch honey turkey sliced, usually a veggie and for mid afternoon snack maybe nuts for a carb. Dinner Chicken or Fish Grilled and of course two protein shakes per day no carbs.

PS I am 44 years old

You don’t cycle TRT. If its medically needed, its for life. Your starting dose is too high. Most here start on 100mg/wk split into two injections per week. After six weeks you can pull labs and see if you need to add an AI like Arimadex.