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New Predators Trailer




This looks so fucking awesome... I can't wait.


And we have verification: The brothers will not survive.


fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck yeah! I cant wait for this. Predator is fucking awesome



You know what would be awesome? If Arnold made an appearance.


Why do I have the feeling that the humans are going to be the victorious ones in this? This should be nothing for a Predator...


this movie looks so awesome i can barely contain myself.


The humans have always won. There's not a single Predator movie where a human didn't win. You can even count AvP, Humans still win.


Did we though? We lost a lot of men in the first one to kill 1 predator. This movie has many- up to 20ish based on the number of crosshairs on Adrian in that one clip. It would be stupid for us to win this battle. Every dude needs to die or escape. No beating them.


See, that's what you're missing. The Predators fight with honor. This may be only a 3 man Predator hunt or a one man Predator hunt.

Its not like humans where 20 man group up and attack one animal. A Predator will go solo against an entire platoon or a city.

The other Predators are there to observe. Best example: the end of Predator 2


^ but are they going to make more from this. Is this a reboot? Thats what I want to know.


And Wol finally saw Book of Eli, best movie for me this year.


From what I remember, imagine AvP, AvP2, and maybe Predator 2 didn't happen.


What if it's just one predator with a shit load of guns? Like a super predator or something? Ever think of that!?! :slightly_smiling:



The humans are brought to the Predators' home planet, right? I doubt it's just one, especially since it wouldn't be efficient for a hunter to weigh themselves down with 10 guns that each can do major damage with one shot.


Dude... you're gettin me all worked up over here!!!


the entire planet is a game reserve.




Rodriguez has already said there will be a Super Predator. Still not sold on this. I absolutely love the Predator franchise and have been waiting a long time for them to do a follow-up right, but every Rodriguez movie I've ever seen starts great and gets out-of-left-field silly about halfway through. I'm scared he's gonna do that with the Super Predator and the Predator dogs. I do like that it takes place on their home planet, or at least a nuetral planet. When's the release date?


GAME RESERVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







July 7 or 9th.