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New PR


I got a new PR today, I got 245 x 5 today for squats (not to failure, prolly 1-2 short(no spotter)). Just thought I'd share because it felt good. I've been workin hard for a heavier squat for a while and I'm up about 40lbs for a 5rm in about 5 weeks...also I got my arms to 16.25. I know it's not good compared to alot of you but i'm 18 so woohoo!


great =)
Keep up the good work


Good work mate. It is always good to hear abouts peoples numbers going up.


Nice Job man.


Every PR is a good PR... it's a long game and progress is key... congrats!


Congrats. Adding 40 lbs in 5 weeks is a real accomplishment.


Good job bro! did you use a squat suit/wraps or juice up? If you did it all natural and raw, i be even more impressed.


If he needs a squat suit to squat 245 for reps and if he is on the juice at 18 he should be shot. Good work on the progression, I remember being at those numbers and the way you feel when you jump up 40 pounds. Congrats.


Yea you hit a few nails on the head that time. In fact I think you used a shotgun for a hammer... Well I did make that progression raw, no wraps etc...in fact it's more than parralel I go ass to the grass for maximum development (I train for size, but dig the rhinocerous strength that comes with it, and find there to be a correlation) The squatting, I think I had it in me for a while, just never went for it, I grew up on rugby, soccer etc. Did plyos programs when young ( which I credit my power out of the hole for). None of me mates squat really at all.

Since training alone I've done squatting like a mofo, also switched to full body, fooked around with mescyclic rep ranges, got to squatting and it blew up. In fact I think in a week or 2 I could have 275 for 5...as for stats i'm

bench 205x5
deadlift 225x5 neutral grip (300x5 mixed grip)
squat 245x5
bis 16.25 (left is a bit smaller)
26-27" legs
chest 46"

and just enjoying lifting, trying to get more serious weekly, however distractions tend to outweigh determination. If you lived in my shoes you'd be surprised I can maintain.


Good work bro,stay focused and train hard!


I have to admit the biggest motivation is results.