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New PR


365lbs (nothing crazy) at bodyweight of 135-40lbs tonight. Felt good, pretty happy with myself, 405lbs next.


Bench? Squat? Dead?


good lift!!!


Doood!!! Killer tricep kickback! (j/k)

Whatever it was, konrads and keep on keepin' on!!!



my bad, deadlift. thanks for the replies.


Nice, throw on 40 or so more pounds and you are at 3 times your BW!


Sweet! It's always good to hear about people doing the basics hard and heavy (relative to them, of course).


that is really impressive for your weight. Mozzle Mozzle.


Thanks again. I'm aiming for that 3x bodyweight mark, hopefully sometime in the near future, but I'm in no hurry.


You bastard! You have me beat by a few pounds in bodyweight and on the lift!

Nice job!!!!


well nate, at least you have a better bench and squat than i do. i'm pansy in those 2 departments