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New PR!!!

now, i know everybody on here it seems posts PRs and sometimes, it gets a lil redundent, i must admit. I have many a time felt a lil disgust for a fellow lifter informing me that he (or she) has moved up 3.5 pounds in the squat. Its great to get motivation from comrades, but it gets old when a lifter has to inform everyone when the inprove a lift by hangng a new washer on the bar, increasing the weight used.

now that that is over with, I will give you all my PR of today. I full squated 280 for one in my garage after school. I am 16, 6’2" at about 200/205. I have only started seriously known how to train for less than 6 months… but have been “getting in shape” for nearly two years…

My surrent stats are 280 squat, 165 bench, new max tomorroa… and 225x5 dead.

goals by the new year are 300/200/300

…now… wasn’t that soooooo much better than the normal PR post?! lol

I don’t know if it was really all that much different, but hey, any PR is a good PR.

Keep at it!


exellent job, keep working hard and never look back…