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New PR!!!

Man, I’m excited. Not only have I ganed over 45 lbs in my squat over the last few weeks but today I put up 225 lb (2 plates) on the incline bench press for 5 sets of 5 reps. This is an incredible strength goal for a tall lanky ectomorph (me) who is finally starting to fill out his shirts a little. 2.5 years of consistent, disciplined work in all of the core lifts and now it’s starting to pay off in strength and mass. Now if I can get 5X5 doing full squats with 315 (3 plates) I will be in heaven. I’m 20 lbs off that goal right now. Woohoo!!!

Hey Randman, congrats on the PR, thats great!

I’m betting it’s pretty easy to stay motivated right now…

Congratulations! A PR is always a great achievement. Nothing quite pumps me up like knowing I just lifted something heavier than I have ever lifted before.

Happy lifting,

Congrats man, good job!



Don’t forget how good this feels, and you will do it again and again!

Thanks guys. The interesting thing is I followed the advice on this site that I’ve read many times. Build you’re core muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, lower back, etc.) and everything else will come along. So I’ve been doing legs 2 days per week over the last year or more and my squat goes up 45 lbs within a three week span and then 2-3 weeks later my incline bench press goes up 40 lbs within another 2 week span. I think Poliquin said that every guy he’s known who focused on squatting also had a big bench but the reverse was not true (i.e. focus on a big bench resulting in a big squat). This has absolutely been the case for me. Thx T-Nation. I’m just getting started.