New PR

I just got back from the gym and I’m friggin’ pumped! I set a new PR on the bench. 195LBS 1RM! I’m not posting to brag as obviously alot of you guys ( and prolly girls) do more than this all the time, so easy on the flames. Again, not to boast, just a big deal to me! Last I tested I was at 175lbs a month ago.

Congrats bro!! I always get pumped when I set a new PR. You can always tell us. You won’t, ahem, shouldn’t hear any flames. You’re progressing, and that’s what this site is all about!!

Again, congrats.


Unless you are the world champion in that one particular lift there will always be someone stronger than you! So, never apologize about breaking your personal best. I don’t care if its a 100lb bench. Those who would flame you for this are not worth your time. Remember this, people who put others down do it to build themselves up! So who cares what they say anyway?

The only thing you need to do to be a success in life is to continue to top your previous performance. Keep comparing yourself to your previous best. If it continues to grow you are a champion!

I want to congratulate you! You gained 20lbs on your bench and that is awsome!

I want to hear about your next goal and the one after that!


20lb a month is good progress.

Kick Ass, I’d take 20 lbs in a month anytime. Keep pushing.

Great job.

Yeah for you Billy!!

When you are all pumped up and want to share your great news,this is the place to do it. There probably aren’t many people in your “real life” that understand what an accomplishment this is. The T-Nation will always be here to cheer your success.

Improving and moving forward towards your goals is what it is all about…oh, and looking good nekid.

Happy for ya!

Nice work Bro.

It’s gonna feel even better when you break 200.

Keep up the good work.

Have you had any progress with your other lifts as well?

20lbs in one month. Nice work!

Thanks for all the encouragement guys! Iron Maidens right, everyone outside the gym didn’t get it. They all said “Oh,… Really? Anyway…” So I needed the pat on the back. I don’t really focus on my chest, I’ve always enjoyed pulling more. My back is my best area. But I’m shooting for 210 on the bench now. I’ve learned so much since I found this site a few months ago, everthing is improving, though I haven’t really tested anything else. Thanks again.

great job bro! 20 lbs in one month is very impressive.

Kick ass, dude! You’ll be up in the 200’s in no time!

20lb in a month is enormous, regardless of the lift, if you have been doing it more than a little while. My bench is puny and adding 5lb every time I max is usually what I manage, but deadlifting and even squatting now come a lot more naturally to me than pushing. So that means that evey little bit I add to my bench is a big deal to me. Fuck, a pound makes me smile!

20lbs in a month kicks ass. Excellent job. Do 20lbs this month too. :slight_smile:

GREAT work, my friend…I wanted to reply to say not only should you be proud of your accomplishments, but I commend you for having the confidence to share your impressive gains with others…keep up the great work!

breaking 220lb was one the greatest days in my life, not long now bro :slight_smile:
(seriously im that pathetic)